Jamie Lee Curtis slammed the “small” attack on Marvel

Jamie Lee Curtis faces the heat of a candid message – one that even she has acknowledged means she will never be cast in a Marvel movie.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is facing heat from moviegoers after taking a surprising dig into the online Marvel superhero franchise.

Curtis has a supporting role in the acclaimed new film Everything everywhere all at oncewhich gained momentum through excellent reviews and word of mouth despite a relatively modest budget of $25 million.

The philosophical sci-fi adventure stars Michelle Yeoh as a harangued Asian-American immigrant who stumbles upon a portal to the multiverse during a stressful visit to her tax agent (played by Curtis).

Curtis is an avid champion of the film on social media – and in a recent post, she encouraged fans to see it…by posting a bad review for Marvel’s latest offering, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

curtis posted several pictures of one New York Times review of the new Marvel movie – which has a budget of $200 million – on his Instagram account.

Curtis pointed to a section of the review – which was titled “A lot of everything, little that matters” – which said that the concept of the multiverse had been “deployed with infinitely more wit and imagination” in his film.

the strange doctor The version of a multiverse, the review continues, has “nothing to distinguish between universes.”

Captioning his post “TRUTH ALERT,” Curtis was full of excitement for his small film which could, by writing that Everything everywhere all at once “has a deep BEATING heart and BRILLIANT visual treats, AMAZING performances and FANTASTIC BEAST FIGHT SCENES……AND it COSTS LESS than the ENTIRE crafting service budget on strange doctor and/or any other Marvel movie.

Curtis also anticipated complaints about his unfiltered post, writing, “COMPETITIVE? Damn YES. I wasn’t a high school cheerleader for nothing. And PS, our movie has a dynamite dildo fight scene as well as very erotic dancing and rocking.

She ended the post with the hashtag ️#guessiwillneverbecastinamarvelmovie.

But Curtis’ “competitive” decision may have backfired, with the star receiving an overwhelmingly negative response from those who thought it was an unnecessarily negative way to draw attention to his film.

“There really is no need to start fights like this. It just seems pointless. Both films are excellent in their respective ways for their specific audiences. There’s no need for a contest or need to brag about who has the best multiverse movie,” read one top-rated comment.

“That’s not good sportsmanship,” said another commenter, a remark that earned hundreds of likes.

“I was excited to see the two… too bad you needed to hit the other one. Doesn’t look good on you.. being petty,” another person wrote.

“Welp…..looks like I’m going to see badly Odd This weekend. Not sure tearing down another movie is the right way to promote yours. Be nicer. It gives a bad image, ”said another.

“You can be proud of your movie without shitting on another you probably haven’t seen,” wrote another.

In another post for her Instagram accountCurtis seemed to accuse Marvel of copying the Everywhere movie poster for strange doctorsharing a photo of the two side-by-side and calling Marvel’s poster a “copycat”:

Again, the post received a negative response, with most commenters saying they didn’t see much resemblance between the two posters.

So which movie is the best? News.com.au’s own film critic Wenlei Ma praised Everything everywhere all at once, the wonderful, inventive and powerful caller.

“This is an entirely original film in a time when originality is rare,” she wrote.

But she also praised strange doctor,writes that the movie is a welcome diversion from Marvel’s usual formula: “This less polished, understated entry is legitimately exciting, even when it’s exhausting.”

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