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Elden Ring: 10 Best Ways to Lower the Difficulty

Ring of Elden follows the trend set by From Software in their Souls series of games with its high level of difficulty. For a few key reasons, this entry is the most accessible game yet. The main reasons for this are the wealth of combat options provided to address the many dangerous situations you may encounter.

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Things like summoning NPC ghosts with Useful spiritual ashes and using powerful Ashes of War makes the experience more manageable. There’s an absolutely massive amount of content in Elden Ring, but you don’t have to suffer to experience it all. Follow these tips and the experience will surely be enjoyable.


ten Increase your vigor

One of the easiest traps you can fall into in a Souls game is neglecting to improve your health. In Elden Ring, the stat is called Vigor, and while it’s easy to see the benefits of more health, you have to sacrifice damage output for the increased health. This makes the decision heavy.

Especially if you’re unfamiliar with Souls games, or even just Elden Ring, it’s worth upgrading your Vigor. It’s impossible to be ready to dodge attacks all the time if you don’t expect it, so the best strategy is to have some extra breathing room in case you take damage.

9 Use better armorHeavy Armor in Elden Ring Easy Mode

The reality is that your choice of armor is up to you. No set is necessarily better than another, but one thing is certain: certain armor sets will absorb more damage of a specific typelike the Bull Goat armor with very high physical damage absorption.

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This damage absorption is usually physical, but some sets like Scale Armor reduce magic damage, which means changing your armor based on your opponent’s damage type will make the fight easier. Make sure you pick something that absorbs a fair amount of damage, as well as looks cool.

8 Use a shieldElden Ring Easy Mode Shield

One thing that will almost always make fighting in Elden Ring easier is to use the plethora of shields included in the game. These shields allow you to block some or even all of the damage from enemy attacks in exchange for stamina.

Keep in mind that the size of the shield will dictate how many attacks you can take before your guard is broken and left vulnerable to attacks. Generally, large shields will block the best, followed by medium shields, and finally small shields which will block the least amount of damage before your guard is broken.

7 Optimize your buildOptimal construction of Elden Ring's easy mode

This tip is a bit subjective since your build in Souls games is really up to you. There are pros and cons to every stat, because investing in one stat means neglecting another. But overall, there are certain rules you can follow while leveling up in Elden Ring.

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This is to upgrade stamina for health and stamina for higher gear load and stamina. Then choose just one or two damage stats, like Strength or Faith. Following these rules reduces the chance of going off-scale in the late game and increases the chance you’ll be able to run over enemies instead.

6 Play with a friendElden Ring Easy Mode Co-op

Two heads are usually better than one, and this is certainly the case for Elden Ring. You can use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy item to summon helpers into your game at various intervals throughout the game, although boss fights are the main reason people usually ask for help.

This allows new strategies to come into play. While alone it’s hard to be an archer, add a friend who can catch the boss’s eye, and suddenly your Legolas build actually works. This balance of aggression is also useful if you’re still playing the same as usual, if not just for more healing opportunities.

5 Use Spirit SummonsElden Ring Easy Mode Spirit Summon

Spirit Ash allows you to summon NPC followers in certain locations in the Elden Ring world. Essentially, they allow you to recruit enemies into the game to help you defeat powerful bosses and groups of enemies. You can even summon a copy of yourself with the Mimic Tear summon.

The reasons why investing in this feature makes the game easier are very similar to helping summons, but Spirit Summons has some distinct advantages over human co-operators. Namely, bosses get more health in co-op, but that’s not the case with spirit summons, making combat faster, if not easier overall.

4 Use the ashes of warElden Ring Easy Mode Ashes of War

Ashes of War makes Elden Rings combat even more massive to open than it already does. They allow you to change any of your weapon attacks to a frankly huge array of choices, some of which can only be equipped on specific weapon classes.

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Some of them are simple, like a damage buff or a sweeping attack, but some are specialized like the hunt for the giant that allows you to move forward with a high punch. Experimentation is recommended, but the massive damage Ashes of War is capable of makes Elden Ring much more comfortable to play.

3 Explore the lands between and level upExplore Elden Ring Easy Mode

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck in a tough boss fight. But in Elden Ring, there are plenty of things to find in the open world that could make your journey easier. The most obvious is Runes, which can be used to level up, directly making you stronger.

Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears are two of the incredibly useful things you can find hidden around the open world of Elden Ring, both of which increase the effectiveness of your healing flask. Other things like new weapons, armor, spirit ashes, and especially weapon upgrade materials make exploration a surefire way to claim victory.

2 Keep medium or light equipment loadLight armor in easy mode Elden Ring

It’s another of the many gameplay quirks that have been part of the Souls formula since the very beginning. Gear load system limits the weight of armor and weapons you have equipped to incentivize stamina stat boosts and prevent everyone from wearing the heaviest armor they own all the time .

The status of your roll is determined by your equipment load as well as your stamina consumption. It is recommended to stay below 70% gear load to maintain the normal roll state, but going below 30% will give you even more effective rolls. It’s worth considering if rolling is more important to you than armor or heavy weapons.

1 Acquire balanceElden Ring Easy Mode Balance

Balance is an integral stat for melee and magic players. The Balance stat determines when you will be interrupted by enemy attacks. Basically, if the enemy hits with a massive attack, you will need high balance to resist the stun. There are ways to increase balance, but you cannot level it directly.

Instead, you must use equipment or consumables to increase your balance. Heavy Armor, with the Bull Goat set giving the maximum balance possible, the Bull Goat Talisman which increases your balance by 33%, and a number of consumable items including Baldachin’s Blessing, Inronjar Aromatic, and the Leaden Hardtear in the Wonderful Flask of Physick.

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