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Cabin Decoding: Inside Qantas’ Project Sunrise Airbus A350-1000ULR

Amid Qantas’ recent confirmation order for 12 Airbus A350-1000 to operate non-stop Project Sunrise flights to New York and London from Australia, the airline has shared details of what will be seen in the cabin. The jumbo jets are due to enter service from Sydney in late 2025, and plenty of space is planned on board.

To make room

Even though the A350-1000 has a maximum capacity of 480 in a single-class configuration and up to 410 in a three-class configuration, the Qantas the units will only carry 238 passengers in four classes. This factor means that the carrier offers the fewest number of seats of all A350-1000 in operation.

Passengers will be able to choose seats in first, Business, Economy of the best qualityand economy course on the Airbus twinjet. In total, premium is the trend on board, with 40% of the cabin occupied by seats in this segment.

In particular, there will be a wellness area for all with snacks and drinks, where passengers can stretch to prevent health problems such as deep vein thrombosis in flight.

A good stretch can make all the difference. Photo: Qantas

This area will be in the center of the plane.

Even on medium-haul flights, passengers can become restless. Photo: Qantas

The best of the best

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce shared the following on the widebody’s outlook on this ultra-long-haul mission.

“Throughout our history, the planes we have flown have defined the times in which we find ourselves. The 707 ushered in the age of the jet, the 747 democratized travel and the A380 brought a whole new level of comfort. The A350 and Project Sunrise will allow any city to be a single flight away from Australia. It is the last frontier and the last solution to the tyranny of distance. As you would expect, the cabin is specially designed for maximum comfort in all classes for long-haul flights.

Joyce has previously described the A350-1000’s best offering as a super first class suite to comfort high-end travelers during the trek. He said it will be far better than any first class his airline has introduced.

Through the cabin

Passengers in the first six First Class seats will enjoy a private suite in a 1-1-1 setting.

First class suites will allow passengers to have between a bed and a seat. Photo: Qantas

There will be a large IFE screen, soft lighting options and a small closet.

Privacy and comfort will be appreciated in the adventure. Photo: Qantas

There are 52 flatbeds in business class, with all seats having direct aisle access in a 1-2-1 configuration. Further back, an area with a 2-4-2 formation will accommodate 40 premium economy class seats with a pitch of 40″.

Economy class passengers will also benefit from the extra space available. 140 seats in a 3-3-3 configuration will include 33 inches of spacing, which is a generous offer for economy, as passengers would typically find 31 inches of spacing on long-distance services.

There will be something to marvel at through the classes. Photo: Qantas

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Overall, Qantas obviously makes great use of the extra space on offer due to fewer seats. With 20 hours non-stop, the airline must ensure the comfort of its passengers.

What do you think of the Qantas Airbus A350-1000 cabin? Are you looking forward to flying with the airline under its Project Sunrise program in the years to come? Let us know what you think of the initiative in the comments section.


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