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During its annual Google I/O keynote presentation, the tech giant showed off all the fancy new gadgets it plans to launch in the coming months, including the latest in its Pixel series of smartphones ( the 6A and the Pixel 7), their new Pixel Watch and their Pixel Buds Pro headphones. They also revealed a pair of glasses that support augmented reality (no, they’re not Google Glasses!)

The presentation began with the reveal of the updated model of the company’s current flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 6a. The device, which is estimated to be worth around $650, will use Google’s Tensor AI chipset and support a 12-megapixel camera. Users will also be able to make full use of Google’s Magic photo eraser tool, with the company saying they will continue to support the device with security updates for at least the next five years.

Google Pixel 7

The next item to be showcased was the newest in Google’s smartphone series, the Pixel 7, although the reveal was rather brief. Holding back from fully lifting the veil on their fancy new product until its full presentation later this year, the hosts were stingy with the information they shared, pointing out that it will support next-gen Tensor chips. of the company and that it will be made from 100% recycled aluminium. No news on pricing or release date though. We’ll have to wait a little longer for those!

Attention then shifted to the first in Google’s series of smartwatches, the Pixel Watch. This product was already rumored to exist after a series of leaks, but the company officially announced it at the I/O conference, further pointing out that it will be released sometime this spring. Some of his most notable features are his easily recognizable “touch crown” and round (not square) face. The device will support the company’s Wear OS 3 system and will also come with Fitbit for those who want to track their fitness level. Google said it would give more information about this new smartwatch closer to its release.

Daniel Ricciardo at Google I/O 2022.

The tech giant’s wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds Pro, were next on the list of new revelations. These nifty little gadgets will be out in the wild much faster than any other items featured at the conference, making their debut in late July. These $290 headphones will come with multipoint connectivity and active noise cancellation and they will carry an IPX4 certification for water protection. Additionally, when paired with a Pixel smartphone, they provide users with the ability to use spatial audio.

Of course, as a good host, Google saved the best for last, with the company unveiling a pair of prescription glasses that support full augmented reality (AR). It should be noted that these glasses, which are in no way related to the previously known Google Glass, are still at the prototype stage. However, the company showed a pretty impressive video in which the glasses were shown to listen and transcribe in real time what the wearer was hearing, creating a real innovation for the hearing impaired. Not much else was done about this rather impressive technology, as the presenters kept a low profile.

Along with all of their new devices, Google has also shared information about some of their other best-known products and services such as Android 13 which will soon see updates that will make it more suitable for larger screens, Google translate, which will support a series of new languages ​​and the Google Wallet, which will allow users to add their digital driving license, among other things.

Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo was also featured on a short video during the presentation alongside his McLaren co-driver Lando Norris using the updated Android 13 system on a large TV screen.

Google also provided updates for YouTube, Maps, Workspace and Lens.

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