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Getting your hands on stock PlayStation 5 continues to be exceptionally difficult, but will that soon change?

Check the cheapest PS5 price on eBay

Check the cheapest PS5 price on eBay

eBay is currently one of the only online stores in Australia with PS5 stock available. There are plenty of listings for new and unused inventory, but you’ll have to pay a premium when buying from a seller.

While there is some good news, the PlayStation 5 remains very rare. sony published its 2021 results, and as you’d expect, the lack of PlayStation 5 stock continues to cripple the business.

It’s a complicated situation, so let’s take a look at the factors involved in the current PlayStation 5 stock shortage. For more information, check out our complete guide to buying a PlayStation 5 in Australia.

Lockdowns in China

As the manufacturing capital of the world, internal events in China are a huge factor in the PS5 inventory situation. The country is aggressively pursuing a “zero COVID” policy, and factories have been collateral damage, with work halting in Shanghai and other cities. Shanghai recently imposed its toughest restrictions yet.

The country’s COVID policies are also wreaking havoc on its seaports. The closures are expected to impact shipping of all kinds as freighters block China’s coastline. Considering that the PlayStation 5 has already proven to be highly susceptible to global supply chain issues, this suggests a poor outlook for the PlayStation 5 out of stock.

In addition to making the PS5s themselves, these lockdowns are doing the long-running global shortage of computer chips a disservice. The pandemic has led to increased demand for consumer technologies, accompanied by a reduction in computer manufacturing capacity around the world, and this is not improving. This too is wreaking havoc on the PlayStation 5.

Sony’s current projections

Sony, meanwhile, is adopting a somewhat optimistic tone. It plans to ship 18 million PS5s throughout the 2022-23 financial year. It’s an ambitious target, with just 11.5 million PS5s sold in 2021. And the company’s big bosses have acknowledged lockdowns in China are a threat to its plans, with CFO Hiroki Totoki saying; “A downside risk would be if there were further deterioration in the supply chain, including the potential widening of lockdowns in China.”

Totoki also admits that 18 million may not even be enough to satisfy consumer desires; “We think there was a bit more demand than that… If the question is whether we can meet the demand, I think [we are] still a bit short.”

So, it looks like the PlayStation 5 out of stock isn’t going anywhere. COVID and other geopolitical factors continue to prevent Sony from meeting massive demand for its console.

PlayStation 5 Buying Tips

Out of stock PS5
If the PS5 stock situation remains the same, consumers will have to continue to pull out all the stops to get their hands on the coveted console. Fortunately, we have some best tips to give you the best possible chance.

the The PlayStation 5 recently went into stock at Amazon, but its price is exorbitant ($1,180 compared to the RRP of $749.95) and supply is limited. You can also consult this helpful eBay link, showing you the cheapest price the PS5 is available for on the website.

If you are a Twitter user, Australia PS5 Stock Alerts is a great follow up. This account lets you know when PlayStation 5 stock will be available at major Australian retailers. Daring consumers might also consider importing a PlayStation 5 from an overseas seller. But that comes with complications, like the need to buy an adapter plug, shipping costs, and everyone’s favorite pastime, international consumer law disputes.

Before buying a PlayStation 5 from any type of retailer, be sure to do plenty of background research to ensure you don’t get scammed.

PlayStation 5 consoles

When last checked, these links led to available PS5 stock. Just be aware that you may have to pay a premium.

Buy PS5 Hardware

If you get your hands on a PlayStation 5 in Australia, here are some essential accessories and games you’ll need.

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