Today’s Nintendo Indie World Direct was made for me

Friends, I can’t lie to you. I booed and screamed. I have gone wild. I lost my fucking marbles in front of the Indie World window at midnight.

It was unfair to those around me and I apologize. But you know that feeling when you hear a song and think (in a delirious way): “Hm… I think this song is about me,” even if you’ve never met or had contact with the musician. who made the song? That’s the feeling I got watching the first Nintendo Indie World showcase of 2022.

Ari’s coverage of everything featured at the Indie World showcase can be found here, and is a great direct representation of everything we’ve seen. However, I’m a very visual person and I think you might be too, so I decided to put together my personal highlights of what was shown, plus some juicy trailers to go with everything. that.

If you’d like to watch the full showcase, we’ve provided the AU/NZ version below, a version that contains all of the precise Australian release dates that so many often overlook.

There are a lot of highlights I’d like to go over from this year’s first Nintendo Indie World showcase, but first of all I just want to say up front that these games are available RIGHT NOW so you should check them out (game titles will link to AU Nintendo eShop).


A minimalistic puzzle-strategy game created by New Zealand developer Dinosaur Polo Club. It was originally an original Apple Arcade from September 2019, but since was released on PC and now Nintendo Switch. Heaps of fun, great to watch and includes a responsive soundtrack from Disasterpeace. Kisses from the chef!

OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition

Oh man. OPUS: Echo of the Song of the Stars is… So very, very beautiful. Sisi review of the game You’ll probably get a better idea of ​​my little jaunt, but this game is a gorgeous story-driven adventure game that’s a lot like an anime Dunes but a little simpler. Love Love Love.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Speaking as someone who has both played the full game and interviewed one of the people who didi think i can safely say that you should play Gibbon: Beyond the Trees for multiple reasons.

First, there are gibbons in it. Second, it will teach you an important lesson about gibbons. Third, my dog ​​pissed and vomited on the floor in the middle of this interview and it was traumatic, so my trauma would be healed if you played Gibbon. Finally, it’s on sale for 33% off. Wholesale I recommend, I loved this game, happy to see it on Switch!

sound drop

It’s actually the only title of the four coming to the Nintendo Switch today that I haven’t played! However, it looks SICK. I’m very excited to get my dirty hands on it. sound drop is a rhythm-based dungeon crawler that you can play alone or with up to 4 other people. The graphics look slick and cute, the whole concept is incredibly delicious to me, and it’s 15% off, which is VERY delicious.

Alright, those were the four great titles that came out right after the presentation, now it’s time for my Nintendo Indie World highlights, baby!

Big up for Australian developers (no Hollow Knight, sorry!)

We had TWO titles from Australian developers highlighted in today’s Indie World showcase, proving that this place is full of talented game-making gremlins and that we should all be very proud of our game development industry. independent. Let’s check them!

capricious strand

I can tell from a mile away I just to know that capricious strand gonna make me cry like a fucking baby. On real business ‘goo goo ga ga’.

capricious strand is a heartfelt “interactive story” developed by Melbourne-based studio Ghost Pattern, and is set in a giant flying hospital in 1970s Australia. I can see it guys, it’s gonna make me fucking cry. I have to get myself ready.

The art style is absolutely stunning and I’m more than ready to see this one come to the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2022.

Cult of the Lamb (coming out… this year?)

What really draws me to this spotlight is that I’m really, really excited for this game, so all I can do is laugh.

Worship of the Lamb comes from Melbourne-based studio Massive Monster and is going to be a roguelite dungeon crawler where you control a sweet little lamb with gruesome abilities. It looks awesome and I’m very excited to play yet another cool 2022 release from an Australian developer.

But what makes people laugh is the fact that this was a ‘release date trailer’, and yet all we got was ‘available this year’. We knew it! Everyone knew it! Still horny but fuck give me more!

Winter 2022 is gonna be fucking yuuuuge

Good God, winter 2022 seems to be THE season for good things on Nintendo Switch, huh? I hope it gets really, really cold to the point that going outside just wouldn’t be an option, because then I could become a putrid Cronenberg-type creature, melted on my couch and forever stuck playing their tracks until what the harsh Australian winter (LMAO) leaves us. Look at these babies!


Didn’t I say there was going to be a farming simulation game announced during today’s Indie World showcase? Am I not a prophet and a genius? Thank you!

Ooblets is absolutely awesome. It’s a farming simulation where you grow little guys and have them do dance battles. It’s very clunky, very silly, all names are things like Tumpus and Dinkledunk, and character customization rules.


ElecHead is an incredibly cool puzzle game that started as a school project by solo game developer Nama Takahashi.

It’s been out since last year on other platforms (check it out if you haven’t yet) but will be coming to Switch, which is always welcome! You’re just a little battery guy jumping around and powering the world around you. Gorgeous stuff.

We are OFK

Very excited for this interactive biopic. All I have to say about this one:


OneShot: Global Machine Edition

A shot is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. I’m very happy that it’s coming to Switch just for more people to learn about it.

In A shot, you must help a little darling named Niko find his way home, as well as bring the sun back to life in a world overwhelmed by darkness. It may seem like a simple premise, but this game is anything but simple in the best way.

Cursed at golf

I’m already obsessed with this game. Golf purgatory? Become a golf legend? Damn? GOLF? Incredible.

Cursed at golf looks like the most refreshingly bizarre take on roguelikes and golf simulators I’ve seen in a very long time. I am confused and excited. I love it so much, and I’m very excited, and I don’t even like golf.

And I’ll take two weird ones for 2023, thanks

We’ve taken a look at two titles coming to Switch next year, and both look clunky (in a good way) but amazing, which fills me with quiet rage because that means I have to wait a whole year for two great games. !

One is an absolutely rubbish concept with some of the worst (best) wording in an intro I’ve ever seen, and the other is “What if you wielded the penguin’s umbrella gun from Batman? And you’re just a guy? like a game.

Another Crab Treasure

Yes, ha ha ha… YES!!

Everything on Another Crab Treasure speaks to me on a spiritual level. It looks so stupid, and that’s why it’s perfect.

Also, I can easily be sold on a game (as long as it looks good) if presented in a perfectly goofy way, and Caelan Pollock and Nick Kaman of Aggro Crab are absolutely wonderful in their performance. They are right, people want crabs!


It’s one of the best named games I’ve ever seen for a number of reasons. First, it is what it is and cuts to the chase. Second, I’ve been saying for 1000 years that we should put a gun in an umbrella. It’s so crazy!

As soon as I saw ‘action-adventure noir-punk’, I was immediately hooked. But when this name appeared on the screen? “Wawaweewa”, as Borat would say. I totally agree, I would like it please. Thank you.

And those are some of my highlights from this year’s first Nintendo Indie World showcase, I absolutely loved it! So many good things that I might as well exclude everyone I know and love for the year while I play everything! Very sad, but absolutely necessary!

Which titles from today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase are you most excited for? Let us know!

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