The Bold and the Beautiful May 16-20 Spoilers

Ding-dong, the witch is… Well, not dead. But in’s latest spoilers for Love glory and beauty from Monday, May 16 to Friday, May 20, Sheila finds herself in police custody. In other developments, Brooke finally learns the answer to the million dollar question (“Why did I drink on New Year’s Eve?”), Ridge decides between his wives (for now), Bill offers a unsolicited opinion and Thomas reveals a truth that is bound to have consequences. And if you keep reading, we’ll unbox and showcase all the details about these teasers and more…

Bold and beautiful Friday, May 13 spoilers:

Deacon may be fighting a losing battle against “fate”. But he nonetheless doubles down on his theory on Ridge to Brooke and Hope.

During a heated fight with Sheila, Steffy recalls another shocking memory. We’re guessing she’ll report the madwoman for pushing Brooke out of the proverbial wagon on New Year’s Eve. Or will she? After all, the revelation could propel her father towards the blonde and out of her mother’s life!

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for the week of May 16:

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Monday May 16:

After hearing Deacon’s perspective on Ridge, Hope comforts Brooke as she desperately searches for answers to nagging questions. We guess one of his greatest hits, “Why did I drink on New Year’s Eve?” will be high on the playlist.

Sheila is most dangerous when cornered and attacked, and that’s exactly where she is right now. While the devil refuses to come out quietly, fight until the end, we can only hope that Steffy and her loved ones come out unscathed as the madwoman refuses to come out quietly, fight until the end. Who are we laughing at ? We know they will be hurt… Maybe it’s best to hope they come out of the confrontation alive!

Although this looks like Sheila’s last fight, here’s what Kimberlin Brown recently said about her status with the soap.

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, May 17:

Hmm…that’s shaping up to be a theme: Worried about the future of her relationship with Ridge, Taylor seeks advice from Steffy. Will her daughter continue to encourage her to fight for a man who loves two women, or will she instead suggest that her mother ditch the drama and find a “Finnish girl” of her own?

In what could lead to a turning point in Ridge’s latest round of profanity between his current and ex-wife, he stands by Brooke as she learns the horrifying truth about Sheila’s crimes. Finally, she’ll have her answer to the nagging – and absolutely infuriating – question of why she drank on New Year’s Eve. Sweet relief!

Bold and beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, May 18:

Well, that’s sure to go down well with Ridge when he hears about it: Dollar Bill questions the seamstress’ love for Brooke to Wyatt, Liam, and Hope. Are we heading for another round of “Bridge” versus “Brill”?

Alert the bookmakers and place your bets! The moment of truth comes as Ridge makes a decision about his immediate future with Brooke and Taylor. Note that the teaser says “immediate”, as in “subject to change”, so you will also need to place a separate bet on the outcome of the long match.

Katherine Kelly Lang shares an update on his condition — and reveals who ran to her side to lend her a hand.

Bold and beautiful Spoilers for Thursday May 19:

Still oblivious to the fact that Eric played with Donna and not on the club’s pickleball court as he claims, Quinn joins forces with her husband to help the Forrester family in a time of crisis.

When Ridge reveals his plans, Steffy gets emotional and Taylor speaks her truth. We can’t even imagine how biting this candor could be if he reveals he chooses Brooke! If only Taylor had listened when we tried to warn her that Ridge just isn’t into her. (We’ve even included photos, for Pete’s sake!)

Bold and beautiful Friday, May 20 spoilers:

Unable to suppress his guilt, Thomas breaks down to Ridge about his involvement with Sheila. His dad is bound to be upset that his son didn’t speak up immediately and indulge in another manipulation…but his good intentions and guilt could earn the young designer some points. Brooke, on the other hand, is almost certain to be completely unforgiving towards her stepson.

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Get ready for a bit – okay, one a lot – jailhouse rock when Deputy Chief Baker grants Brooke face-to-face time with an imprisoned Sheila.

Review a Who’s Who of the most needed daytime soap stars in the photo gallery below from much missed actors Bold and beautiful and all the shows.

—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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