Google’s AI Test Kitchen lets you teach its AI better conversational skills

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  • During Google I/O 2022, we saw a live demo of the AI ​​Test Kitchen app for Android.
  • The app offers three LaMDA 2 demos for in-depth conversations with Google Assistant: List It, Imagine It, and Talk About It.
  • AI Test Kitchen is currently in closed beta, with Google “gradually” letting in new users.
  • This crowdsourced testing app is designed to reduce “inaccurate or offensive answers” so the AI ​​can stay “on topic”.

After unveiling its futuristic Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA) at last year’s I/O, Google announced the new and improved LaMDA 2 at Google’s I/O 2022. And unlike last year’s on-stage demo, you’ll be able to test Google’s revamped AI and machine learning tools for yourself — eventually.

LaMDA’s goal is to let you have extended conversations with Google Assistant, where the AI ​​stays on a particular topic or branches off to other topics based on your interest – simulating a proper conversation. It’s not (yet) available in the Google Assistant app, but you can test LaMDA in the AI ​​Test Kitchen app that’s currently in closed beta.

Google’s goal with AI Test Kitchen is essentially crowdsourcing, which makes its AI more useful to people’s needs. He first sent the app to Google employees for feedback, which resulted in a “reduction of inaccurate or offensive responses” from LaMDA. Now, he will slowly open the app to everyday people to get their feedback as well and “responsibly learn, improve and innovate together on AI.”

Google I/O 2022 LaMDA test

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In the app you will find three demos. list it gets you covered on a topic like “Planting a Vegetable Garden” and given a to-do list of what you’ll need to do or learn before you start; you can then tap on specific items to learn more or ask it to refresh the list with new ideas.

The second demo is imagine itand it follows the pattern of demo from last year: you ask LaMDA to describe an experience like visiting Pluto or the ocean floor, then you prompt it to take the story in different directions like “what is the temperature like” or “describe the jellyfish” in based on your interests.

AI Test Kitchen app

(Image credit: Google)

Lately, Talk about it (dog edition) lets you chat about any dog-related topic you like. It’s not just to be cute; Google needs to test if the AI ​​can remember the original discussion topic or if you can accidentally (or intentionally) trick it into forgetting how new questions relate to old questions.

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