Everything you need to know about Mario Strikers Battle League Football [Updated]

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will revive a long-dormant Mario sports series on the Nintendo Switch this year. Since it’s been so long since Nintendo brought the Strikers series coming out of the freezer, we thought we’d offer a quick boot camp to get you up to speed. Here’s what to watch for as the game nears release.

Release date and platforms

You can play Mario Strikers: Battle League Football when that launch on June 10, 2022. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is rated PG in Australia for mild animated violence.

Am I crazy or does this game have two different names?

You are not crazy. In the great tradition of Nintendo randomly renaming its games in Australia, the game will arrive here as Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. The United States omits Soccer from the title to become Mario Strikers: Battle League. Why add the word Soccer On title ? It’s a mystery. To make matters worse, there is little consistency between local retailers, with some listing the game under its European name and others under the American title.

Image: Nintendo

When this kind of thing happens, it’s usually because of a title conflict or a concern that customers won’t be able to make a certain connection. In this case, Nintendo may want to reassure UK and EU gamers that this is indeed European football (aka football) and not American football (aka rugby for cowards*).


Mario Strikers: Battle League Football is a 5-on-5 approximation of European football that trades the careful, meticulous defending of the real game for outrageous attacking play. Each Mario character serves as a team captain, each with special moves and supers that help them gain the upper hand. Does it look like a Mario Kart –level of power-ups randomly affecting game outcome? Because that’s exactly it. However, unlike Mario Kart, Strikers always gave the player time to meaningfully compete between random calamities.

If you have never played Mario Strikers before, prepare to enter what is perhaps the the fiercest football game next to the real thing. Nowadays, Mario Strikers loaded is considered one of the most difficult Mario sports titles ever created. While we expect Nintendo to be able to fix the issue this time around, we’ll be totally honest and say we kinda hope so. doesn’t. We secretly learned to love it when Waluigi hit us on the pitch.

mario strikers battle league
Image: Nintendo

Speaking of hitting us on the pitch, you can now upgrade your players. Super Mario characters now have stat-based gear that will boost their base stats. This covers helmets, pads and boots. While we don’t yet know gear will be rewarded, we’re guessing drops will come with match wins. It also remains to be seen what equipment, if any, can be brought into online lobbies.

The preview trailer also shed some light on a host of cool features, including the soccer field enclosed in an electric fence. Good God, how terrifying.

There are also new strategies such as Team Tackle, where you kick your teammate towards your opponent to grab the ball, and Hyper Strikes, which are unique charge attacks each character can do to shoot goals. They are very mad and mad.

Local play will support up to 8 players and online play will support two local players. There’s also Strikers Club, an online-only mode where your own club can compete against others from around the world. Clubs can sign up to 20 different players, and if you don’t want to create your own, you can also join other random clubs online.

Plus, Wario literally picks up the ball and runs with it, so you know you’re not playing your classic game of FIFA 09.


First we got the trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle Leaguewho made his debut during a Nintendo Direct broadcast in February.

We now also have an overview trailer, released on May 13, which goes over many gameplay and gameplay mechanics.

*I look forward to your comments.

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