EK announces Quantum CPU water blocks with walnut wood tops

Lignum Line is inspired by Mr. Edvard König’s love for woodworking and modern computer technologies and takes its name from the Latin translation of the word “wood”.

A perfect symbiosis between the oldest natural building material and contemporary high-end cooling solutions. An unprecedented example of how your PC can reflect your lifestyle. While EK Lignum and its wooden opulence can bring a feeling of comfort and warmth, from a technological point of view, this symbiosis allows for the best performing plug-specific water blocks – Velocity² and Magnitude.

Integrated into the Velocity² is a next-generation EK CPU water block cooling engine that is socket-specific. A combination of mounting pressure and cold plate geometry, matched to the IHS and die layout of each specific CPU platform, is used to achieve low hydraulic flow restriction and high performance. The lathe turned cold plate is precision manufactured to effectively cover the IHS and exert optimum pressure on the die area.

EK-Quantum Velocity² has been redesigned inside and out. A new patent-pending EK-Exact Mount system has been developed in pursuit of an easy-to-use yet aesthetically pleasing mounting mechanism. It consists of only three parts – the back plate, the mounting screws and the water block itself. It is screwed in from the rear, which allows a homogeneous and clean front aesthetic without any screws disturbing the harmony of the form.

The system uses pre-tensioned springs concealed in the top of the water block, allowing you to complete the installation and achieve your desired mounting pressure with just a few turns of the knurled nuts.

EK-Quantum Velocity² is an EK-Matrix7 certified product. The EK-Matrix7 is a convenient product grid that adds a new dimension to PC liquid cooling, where product height and port distance are managed in 7mm increments. This improves product alignment and reduces loop planning and tube bending time. Building a liquid-cooled PC becomes as easy and fun as playing with a toy brick thanks to the meticulous planning of our products.

EK-Quantum Magnitude Lignum Edition – Walnut – For AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 1700 Sockets
EK-Quantum Magnitude carries the prestigious iF Design award for its bold and different approach to the CPU water block mounting mechanism. Different from any water block mounting structure which is usually a plain black plate, the design accentuates an integrated X- or H-shaped three-dimensional frame with premium finishes that hold the main body firmly in place , while the screws are transformed. in sophisticated design details.

Specialized manufacturing techniques have been deployed to create this truly unique product. Not a single Magnitude component was made using mass production techniques. Instead, each part was CNC milled separately from a solid piece of material. At the heart of Magnitude is the CNC machined solid brass insert. This component has made it possible to significantly enlarge and optimize engine cooling.

Compared to previous generations of water blocks, the fin array has a 50% larger surface area, all contained within a smaller footprint to ensure maximum compatibility. The copper cold plate uses 0.40mm wide microchannels and 0.26mm thick microfins to maximize heat transfer with minimal flow restriction.

EK-Quantum Magnitude Accent – Walnut
As part of the Quantum Lineup ideology, the Magnitude is equipped with interchangeable accent frames available in different colors, finishes and materials. Now also available in Walnut!

This accent frame is ideal for pairing with acetal or any all-metal Magnitude water block for an industrial yet stylish look.

EK-Quantum Velocity² and Magnitude series CPU water blocks are socket specific, only compatible with Intel LGA 1700 or AMD AM4 socket.

Availability and prices
EK-Quantum Velocity² and Magnitude series water blocks are manufactured in Slovenia, Europe and are available for pre-order through the EK webshop and partner reseller network. They are expected to begin shipping in mid-June 2022. The table below shows the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) with VAT included.

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