The king of realistic shooters is back and with its new graphics it will give a lot of war: it’s Arma Reforger

The first step towards Arma 4 has its own name: Arma Reforger, a new military simulation experience that introduces new technology to make warfare more realistic than ever. We’ve already seen what’s new from Bohemia Interactive for PC and Xbox Series, and these are its keys.

If you write on Youtube “Arma Game 3”, the first video is called “Old Command – Operation First Steps”. The clip is 56 minutes long, of which the first 16 are journeys from one point to another; first, by helicopter to a few boats at sea; second, in the boats, to the coast. Members speak and communicate through walkie-talkies; they use very specific terminology, technical indications and interpretations of coordinates; they respond in unison to orders from the superior, who is clearly differentiated. The video is gameplay, but it could well be seen as a neat choreography, immaculate, where you see the need for the pieces to fit together and move in unison for the whole to work seamlessly. The obedience, precision and reverence that is professed in every movement is more like that of pre-opening rehearsals on Broadway than that of a group of people facing a mission in a war simulator.

It was Arma 3 and it will be weapon 4but in this nearly 10-year transit, we have something in between: Arma Reforge. This is defined as a turning point in the saga; it’s a farewell to what’s been seen before and hello to Arma 4. This is how Bohemia Interactive defines it itself –“the first milestone”, “the foundation stone”, “the first step”team members reiterated – and that’s what it feels like to see it: the goal of Reforger is to reveal to the world the new engine that the Czechs developed, called In fusionand on which the video game was built.

This title arrives today on PC and Xbox Series in the form of Early Access. It will have two game modes; Conflict is the first, and opposes two teams (Soviet and American) to capture strategic enemy positions. In between, you can complete goals and tasks to earn more points and climb scores. Game Master is the second. It consists of a scenario editor where one or more players set up the battlefield for others to fight. apart is Workshopwhere user mods will be released for everyone to use and enjoy, and an important note here: Bohemia includes a Worktable which allows you to use the tools used to develop the game. The goal is none other than to unleash the creativity of users.

Enfusion is a completely new technology: each pixel is made up of 0Pavel KrizkaBut what the team has focused on the most is In fusion. Pavel Krizka, representative of the company, commented that it is a “completely new technology: each pixel is made up of 0. We put a lot of emphasis on the shadows, on the interiors, on the reflections of the water… The shadows can give advantages in the confrontations”. Marek Spanel, CEO of the company, was proud of his team’s work: “We paid a lot of attention to physics: bullet collisions in materials, vehicle collisions, small objects.” Everonthe island on which Reforger is located -and which is inspired by Czechoslovakia-, is pretty and will have a size similar to that of the map of Operation Flashpointthe Czechs’ first game released in 2001, with nearly 13 kilometers of terrain.

The key is also the spirit of this new path. The team made several references to the aforementioned Operation Flashpoint: they stated that the objective was “back to basicsnot only in combat but in communication and technology”. Loyalty is almost imperative in this new project. This is why Reforger was born: to assess user acceptance, to see how they bother, to test the reception of a new installment in the saga; in short, for remotivate the public with a renewed and fresh Weapon.

Weapon Reforging is a transition. It’s closing a chapter to start a new one.Regarding its durability, Spanel assured that it wouldn’t last long“We don’t want to do more than a year. As they say, it’s a transition: will not be more than a year el Early Access […] Also, we don’t have a set schedule. We will implement ready-made elements, such as helicopters, and some that the community will send to us. We will feed him little by little, but we don’t have fixed dates.

Weapon Reforging is a transition. It’s closing a chapter to start a new one. It will serve as a source of knowledge for Bohemia: they will receive opinions, they will work and refine what has already been built with its new Enfusion engine, they will observe the creations and experiments of users… In short, a testing ground for what will be the future of the saga, where, there yes yes, it will be everything that defines Arma’s personality. A future that, by the way, looks – and never better said – better than ever.

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