It’s alive: RTX 4090 Ti cooling device appears in leaked photos

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The constant drip of rumors about Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 40-series GPUs has now moved from Twitter posts to actual photos. A user on the Chiphell forums has posted snapshots of what appears to be the cooling shroud of a 40-series GPU. While it looks quite similar to the current 30-series Founder’s Edition coolers, there is one big difference: it is stamped with the letters RTX 4090 Ti.

The photos appear to be from a factory where GPUs are made, via Wccftech. In them we can see the perimeter of the GPU and its back plate. The two most surprising aspects of the photos are that the cooler looks almost exactly like the current Founder’s Edition fairing, and it’s thick. In fact, it looks almost exactly like an RTX 3090 Ti. The photos are high resolution and allow us to see how Nvidia modified the cooler. Previously It has been reported that the RTX 4090 would have a TDP of 450W, which is exactly the same as the 3090 Ti. That would explain why the coolers look so similar, but there’s a catch: one of the metal parts in the photos bears the letters RTX 4090 Ti.

The cooler meat resembles the current Founder’s Edition shroud, with a few minor tweaks. (Image: Chiphell Forums)

This could mean that Nvidia over-engineered the 3090 Ti’s cooling to make it a direct replacement for its successor. However, we can already spot some differences. In the image above we can see what appears to be an aluminum heat sink with several thermal pads. In the RTX 3090, this area was just black metal with thermal pads. This seems to be one way Nvidia could have increased the cooling capacity of the device. The photo shows a layout of the memory modules along with the thermal pads in place. There are expected to be 12 x 2GB GDDR6X modules for a total of 24GB of memory at 21GB/s.

It looks like a wraparound aluminum frame for the GPU. (Image: Chiphell Forums)

Although it’s hard to measure with one’s eyeballs, the photo above makes the dimensions of the heatsink look massive. It looks about 2.5″ deep, if not more. Our eyes might deceive us, as the 3090 Ti is 2.4″ tall. From this angle, it looks a little deeper, which wouldn’t be surprising. It also features a more premium aluminum design than the current model. Existing FE cards have a similar frame but made of plastic. Overall, it looks like a slightly larger version of the existing 3090 Ti FE cooler, but again, that’s our eyeball measurement. It’s worth noting that some partner RTX 3090 Ti cards have a 3.5-slot design, so things are about to get ridiculous in the GPU world.

When in doubt with GPU, it was. (Image: Chiphell Forums)

A leak like this is a good sign that the RTX 40-series cards are about to launch. As we previously reported, they are now expected in mid-July. Hopefully the next leak shows the board fully assembled so we can get an idea of ​​what the power connector looks like and how thick it is. Currently, the RTX 4090 is expected to be a 450W GPU, with the Ti version consuming 600W. If that’s true, then the cooler above can supposedly handle it. It’s possible that Nvidia is still hiding secrets from us that allowed it to achieve this level of cooling performance with only slight modifications to its cooler. There may be new heat pipes, vapor chambers, more fins on the heat pipe, new materials used, etc. With its launch date approaching, more and more leaks will surely come to light soon, and all will (hopefully) be revealed.

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