The world reacts to the tragedy of Mr Universe

New outlets around the world are reacting to the tragedy surrounding former Australian Mr. Universe Calum von Moger at his Victorian home.

The world is watching and waiting for positive news after Australian actor and former Mr Universe Calum von Moger fell from a second story window of a house in Geelong, an hour’s drive from Melbourne.

The three-time Mr Universe winner, 31, dubbed Arnold 2.0 was earlier this week in a coma after an incident at home that shattered three windows and Mr von Moger fought for his life.

He reportedly suffered a serious spinal injury that required surgery and is on a long road to recovery, both physical and mental.

As wishes poured in from across Australia, media around the world focused on the story.

Articles have appeared in US tabloids such as TMZ and the New York Post, Canadian publications such as the Cochrane Times Post, Norway’s largest tabloid Dagbladet, German newspaper Bild, and Spanish dailies such as La Razon and La Vanguardia , to name a few.

Bild headlined his story: “Schwarzenegger 2.0 is fighting for his life”.

The Sun newspaper is one of several UK publications to feature on the Australian’s fight for life.

The Sun reported on Tuesday that a close friend confirmed that Mr von Moger was “awake and recovering” from the frightening fall. He followed the police response to reports of a man suffering from an episode of mental health around 8am on May 4 at the Victorian house where Mr von Moger lives when not in California.

The friend told The Sun “Calum is awake and recovering in hospital after surgery, surrounded by family and friends supporting him through this.”

Steve Greenberg of The Vladar Company, based in New York, told on Thursday morning that Mr von Moger was in stable condition after undergoing spinal surgery and was with his family .

The Vladar company was behind the film Calum von Moger: uninterrupted on Netflix and the Bodybuilding Documentary Generation Iron 2which featured Mr. von Moger.

He is also the originator of the Generation Iron brand, which is listed as management on Mr. von Moger’s website. this week obtained photographs of the house in Geelong where Mr von Moger was injured.

Three windows were damaged in the house, shards of glass were visible in the garden below.

Several windows had been boarded up.

Nearby construction workers said they heard shards of glass, screams and screams before several police cars and ambulances arrived.

Before Mr von Moger was injured he posted on social media saying ‘everyone has a past’.

“We have all been through difficult times. I admit. I screwed up many times,” he wrote.

“But I don’t care if I dwell on negative thoughts from the past. All I care about is learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person. I do my best to stay strong, but I also have my days.

The downfall comes after Mr von Moger recently returned to Australia from Los Angeles.

Gerard Spriet, who runs Geelong’s Gym where Mr von Moger once worked, said he was a nice country boy and it was exciting to see him achieve so much success abroad.

“I used to run a Gold’s Gym in Canada and Calum would tell me about it all the time. At a very young age, he had a desire to become a bodybuilder and he was quite tall at that time,” he said.

He said their team just hope he’s okay.

“We have a handful of people who have worked here with Calum and they have all expressed concern and hope that he will be okay,” Mr Spriet said.

“It’s unfortunate the situation. He worked here when he was probably 20 and he was very impressionable, young and enthusiastic and full of life, and it looks like some of the roads he’s taken are a bit unfortunate.

“We just hope he pulls through and makes a full recovery and gets back to some sort of normal path to a healthy life.”

Mr. von Moger won the World Fitness Federation Mr Universe junior title in Austria in 2011.

After winning another Mr Universe title in South Korea in 2014, he moved to Los Angeles.

He won his third Mr Universe title in France in 2015.

In 2017, Mr von Moger was in his first film – a bodybuilding documentary titled Generation Iron 2.

He then played Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 American comedy-drama Bigger.

“I looked up to him all my life while I was training,” Mr Von Moger said of the Terminator star at the time.

The following year, he had his own movie on Netflix, titled Calum Von Moger: uninterrupted.

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