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Every Hunter-Type Survivor In Evil Dead: The Game Ranked

Choose the right team composition in Evil Dead: The Game is paramount to player success. Facing the evil Demon Kandarian, survivors will have to make every decision and every second counts. Certain survivor types are better suited to fulfill certain roles, such as melee, ranged, buffs, and support. Hunters are for players who want to use ranged attacks.

While all Survivor types can use both melee and ranged attacks, Hunters have built-in abilities that can further improve their damage output. A sort of glass cannon-type build, these Survivors can’t take as much damage as a stronger Warrior-type Survivor, but the damage they can inflict from a distance can be mind-boggling. But which Survivor is best suited to fill the role?

Ranking Every Hunter Type Survivor In Evil Dead: The Game

In Evil Dead: The Game, survivors will participate in a party of four to take on the demon Kandarian. Survivors need to make sure they have a strong team that can counter whatever the Demon can throw them. Therefore, some Hunter-type Survivors are more suited than others to the role of dealing long-range damage.

Here are all of the Hunter-type Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game, ranked.

4) Kelly Maxwell

One of the reasons Kelly is placed so low on this list is that her skills don’t complement a true long-range style of play. Some of her skills give a bonus to close range attacks, and she’s way too balanced to be a specialist Survivor. That doesn’t mean she’s bad, just that there are other, more powerful choices to fill a role of this nature. The skills she has are:

  • Slipshot: When activated, allows you to dodge without using stamina and causes ranged attacks to cause bleeding for a few seconds.
  • Weapons Master: Meat Hammer: The meat hammer has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
  • Backlash: The next ranged attack after a successful dodge will cause the bleeding effect.
  • Battle Frenzy: Melee damage increases with sustained combat duration.

While bleed damage can be good against bosses, players may want to try one of the other more specialized survivors in Evil Dead: The Game.

3) Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2)

Although Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) uses more ranged weapons than Kelly, it’s not something super long range. Indeed, the weapon used by Ash is the double-barreled shotgun. This close range weapon can deal massive damage but lacks the range of some of the other weapons in the game. Ash’s skills are as follows:

  • Exorcist: Activating this ability exorcises the demon from any possessed survivor or base unit. If used on a possessed unit or elite boss, the ability drains infernal energy from the demon.
  • Treasure hunter: See supply crates through walls at close range.
  • I’m the guy with the double barrel: Start the match with the double barrel.
  • Weapons Master: Double Barrel: Double Cannon has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.

While his weapon choice might not be the best, he still brings more to the table than Kelly, with his treasure hunter ability allowing him to more easily find supply crates to get valuable items for his team in Evil Dead: The Game.

2) Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher is a ranged character who rewards characters for excellent aiming skills. Pistol-biased, she deals more damage with each consecutive hit players land without missing. This bonus can continuously accumulate until they run out. Rewarding careful aiming is great, but she can also fire her weapon without consuming ammo. The skills she brings to the table are:

  • Ammo for days: When activated, this ability allows you to temporarily fire your ranged weapons without expending ammo.
  • Trusty Sidearm: Start the match with a gun.
  • Weapons Master: Pistol: The pistol has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
  • Accuracy matters: The damage dealt by your ranged weapons increases with each consecutive hit.

While she’s more of a “selfish” survivor in that her skills primarily benefit her, she can deal damage very quickly and can be a solid damage addition to any comp in Evil Dead: The Game.

1) Ed Getley

Ed Getley is a Hunter-type Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game who can not only deal some serious damage, but also brings a lot of utility to the team. For those looking to deliver a support and damage hybrid, Ed is the best choice. His skills allow players to help their team find better items and disarm traps, which can disrupt the demon’s carefully laid plans. Ed’s skills are as follows:

  • It’s a trap: When activated, this ability grants the use of a unique flashlight that allows you to detect and temporarily disarm Demon Traps.
  • Lasting light: Increases the battery life of your flashlight.
  • Weapons Master: Crossbow: The crossbow has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage, balance bar, and dismemberment damage.
  • The Collector: Increases the chance of defeated enemies dropping items and improves the chance of finding higher rarity crates.

While some Evil Dead: The Game players may not think he’s powerful due to the use of a crossbow, the usefulness he brings to the team more than makes up for it. Players can help equip their team with the best items and make them more effective as a unit.

To note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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