Jesse and Mel announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl

Jesse and Mel from The block 2019 celebrates becoming parents after the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

The couple announced the arrival of their baby girl in an adorable Instagram post which revealed that the bub was born on Thursday, May 19.

Jesse and Mel named their daughter Khloe and shared three beautiful photos, including an intimate photo of Khloe with Mel shortly after she was born.

“We are so filled with love and joy,” they captioned the Instagram post.

Jesse and Mel the Block
Mel shares a hug with Khloe. (Instagram)

The couple’s announcement received many accolades from the past Block competitors, especially their best friends Andy and Deb, El’ise and Matt, and Tess and Luke.

Congratulations guys. She’s so perfect and we love her and you guys so much,” Andy and Deb posted in the comments.

“We love you so much our beautiful Princess Khloe and can’t wait to hold you tight,” El’ise and Matt said.

And Tess and Luke shared similar sentiments: “Love you so much. Can’t wait to meet you Khlo√©. She’s such a perfect little doll! We’re so proud of you 3 xox.”

Jesse and Mel the Block
Jesse beams as he holds his baby girl. (Instagram)

Ahead of Khloe’s arrival, Jesse revealed he was thrilled to become a parent and it was happening at the perfect time.

“Most people say you’re never ready, there’s never a good time,” he said in an interview with 9Entertainment.

“I feel the opposite. I’m so ready for this, it’s exactly the right time. Mel and I have never been happier together, everything in our life is great right now, we’re very lucky.”

Jesse had also thought about the type of father he would like to be. The real estate agent / merchant / TV presenter intends to pass on all his handyman talents, and get involved in all the areas of interest that he will develop.

“I can’t wait to be a dad or if my little girl wants to play dress up and tie my hair in a bow and paint my nails and do all that [she can]. I also take her golfing, because I want to have as much fun with her as possible and I love to play golf, so she will definitely be a golfer too,” Jesse explained.

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Far from slowing down before the birth of their baby, Jesse and Mel launched the renovations of their house at full speed. Their goal was to have the work on the house finished by the time the bub arrived, so Mel didn’t care that her daughter arrived later than expected.

Jesse and Mel the block 2019
Jesse and Mel found out they had a daughter in a golf-themed gender reveal. (Instagram)

Jesse has his owner builder license for the renovation. He leads the makeover with a team of tradesmen on every room except the kid’s room, which Mel wanted to take care of.

“I’ve been involved in the construction all along, but I’m going to be doing all my own tiling…I’ve helped with all the carpentry, demonstration, concrete, I literally do everything because I love it – it’s probably like a dream come true to build your own house,” Jesse previously told 9Entertainment.

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Jesse and Mel have announced that they are expecting in an Instagram post late last year. They then revealed their baby girl was a cute gender reveal, which, in true Jesse style, was golf-themed.

Along with becoming parents and renovating their home, Jesse and Mel have also appeared on Renovate or rebuild. Meanwhile, Jesse is also a host on Open Homes Australia and did a few cameos on The Block 2021 as Tanya and Vitoreal estate agent, auctioneer and former tiler.

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