Australia’s cheapest electric car with a $3,000 discount

With brutal gas prices in mind, tech blogger Elly Awesome has found an “affordable” electric car – and some people are even getting a $3,000 sweetener.

Gas prices are brutal right now and I know everyone feels bad when filling up. That’s part of why I’ve made it my mission to find transportation alternatives, like electric vehicles, to save money.

This quest led me to find out if there are electric car available in Australia and has left me pleasantly surprised at what’s on the horizon.

Recently, I became interested in the Chinese brand of electric vehicles called BYD (short for Build Your Dreams).

It’s a quirky brand, but the company has a lot of merit when it comes to making electric cars.

BYD started as a battery manufacturing company and continues to be a reputable battery brand and it has now been almost twenty years since they started producing cars.

There are actually many BYD vehicles used as public transportation vehicles in China and here you may have even seen or been on the Electric Blu Sydney Airport buses that are BYD electric vehicles.

Needless to say, although BYD is a relatively new brand for Australians, this automaker is poised to make a splash in the Australian EV market.

It was said that more than 3600 people already placed a $1000 pre-order deposit for BYD’s Atto 3 through EVDirect (Australia’s sole importer) earlier this year.

It will be the first BYD car to launch in Australia and is expected to arrive in July for $44,990 drive-away. It’s going to be Australia’s cheapest electric car and if you order from NSW, you’ll probably even qualify for a government EV rebate that will give you a $3,000 rebate. The car is available in four colors – red, blue, gray and white – and the battery can offer over 400 km of range from a full charge.

What’s even more exciting is that EVDirect would also be importing BYD’s smallest car, colloquially known as the BYD Dolphin, at the end of the year. And the Dolphin is rumored to cost around AU$35,000, which would then reign supreme as Australia’s cheapest electric car. This will surely make it a real alternative to mid-range petrol cars.

I recently checked out both of these cars at the BYD showroom in Sydney and was amazed at their features. They both have extremely futuristic interiors with large rotating touchscreens in the center of the dash, wireless phone charging capabilities, regenerative braking (which recharges the battery when you brake) and Apple Car Play and Android Auto support is coming in Q4 2022.

More excitingly, they both have vehicle-to-charge adapters that allow you to plug in and power any regular household appliance (with a three-prong outlet) like a TV, laptop charger, blender or a generator.

Both cars have a range of around 400 km on a full charge and can be charged at home with the car plugged into a wall (but that’s very slow!) or faster at a charging station.

At an EV charging station, both cars should charge from about 30% battery to 80% in just 30 minutes if using a fast charger.

And in my experience, fully charging an electric car at a public charging station in Australia will only cost you around $7-10 on average. And unlike previous hybrids or electric vehicles With disappointing battery lives, the BYD Atto 3 (Dolphin Unknown) comes with a seven-year warranty, giving you confidence in your long-term EV investment.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to test either car yet, I’ve only played with them in the showroom, but I’m more than happy to test the Atto 3 in the coming months. From June or July, the Atto 3 should be available for a test drive in BYD’s showroom in Sydney, but more information will be available through Australian company EVDirect.

Elly Awesome is an Australian tech and lifestyle vlogger. | @elyawesometech | Youtube

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