‘Confusing’ to see the Queen in muted colors – the evolution of the monarch’s style over the years

of Queen Elizabeth II the style has changed over the years, moving from more subdued colors, to bright and elegant dresses, to flowing dresses, and even not being afraid to wear more casual and relaxed clothes. Her Majesty is also a fan of hats, scarves, ponchos, shawls, as well as strange tartan skirts and quilted vests.

Although the queen usually wears a royal “uniform” which she very rarely strays from, according to style expert Miranda Holder, the monarch has already been seen in outfits that are a little different from the usual.

Just last week, Her Majesty walked to the Royal Windsor Horse Show wearing sunglasses with slightly orange tinted lenses.

Lenses like these are, oddly enough, all the rage right now, and not what you’d expect a 96-year-old woman to wear.

The Queen was also seen in a sheer jumper, wool cardigan and shawl, demonstrating she knows how to layer – and knows it well.

Interestingly, however, her outfits for the horse show were in dark, understated colors, which differed from Her Majesty’s usual look.

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Postponing outfits is important within the royal family as it shows they know the importance of being both environmentally and financially conscious.

“The Queen is acutely aware that her wardrobe is actually paid for by British taxpayers, and so dresses to please us,” Miranda explained.

“That’s one of the reasons for the rainbow of colors we’ve come to associate with it, which helps it stand out from the crowd and be easily spotted by onlookers and fans. .

“The monarch said if she wore beige ‘no one would know who I am’ and she was absolutely right.”

The style expert went on to explain the Queen’s ‘style uniform’, which with the help of her personal assistant and dresser Angela Kelly ‘enhanced her personal brand through the savvy use of block colour, a perfectly proportioned hat, gloves, comfortable shoes and one of Launer’s many smart handbags”.

She continued: “Her look has become so iconic that it was surprising to recently see her wearing more muted colors at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

“Her Majesty attended twice, to indulge her passion for horses and looked radiant, despite ditching the familiar vibrant hues and wearing a deep navy knit cardigan on one occasion and a shawl anthracite gray embroidery on the other.

“It proved confusing to the public because it is quite a change of direction and while we can all ruminate on the reasons for it, and one thing is for sure, this decision will absolutely have been made consciously and intentionally.

“I think the deep navy could have been a mark of respect for the late Prince Phillip as it was the first time the Queen had attended the event without him by her side, and the gray or platinum with the silver embroidery was a clear reference to the impending Platinum Jubilee.

Miranda added: “We know the Queen has not been well over the past few months and it is also worth considering the rules around royal etiquette which can sometimes be a bit impractical and restrictive.

“It is considered improper for a member of the Royal Family to remove their coat in public, which is why we often see Kate Middleton in her classic coat dress on certain occasions.

“It may, for health reasons, not be practical for the monarch to remain in one of her signature coats for the duration of the show, perhaps from a mobility standpoint, or simply because comfort.

“In this case, a cardigan or shawl is a much more comfortable and practical answer, and our queen accessorized them to perfection with strategic jewelry and a headscarf and still looked like the royal icon.”

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