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When I first laid eyes on these headphones my first thought was “Wow”. The OneOdio Monitor 60 professional monitor wired headphones have a presence of their own, and I’m not talking about their high frequency reproduction. They look big and imposing and almost like they would cause a neck injury while wearing them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Monitor 60s are big, and for good reason, but they don’t carry the weight you’d expect and offer a surprising level of comfort that makes them a pleasure to listen to. Let’s take a closer look.

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Of course, physical size is the first issue we need to address. The Monitor 60s are a solid set of cans, and they remind me of some of the studio headphones we used in the 90s. Now that’s not a retro revival image, where the design team also had good memories of big cans and wanted to recreate a look. The enclosures are designed to accommodate the speakers which become the backbone of the Monitor 60 sound. Because inside the large enclosure is a 50mm neodymium driver which offers plenty of volume and does not support a lot of weight.

They’re equipped with large, leather-like memory foam ear cushions that completely cover your ears to keep that sound inside. Best of all, being such a thick pad, you’re left with a good amount of space between your ear and the actual driver. Allowing you to hear the sound in the air, rather than a vibration from the driver’s outer casing. The result is a big sound full of life and responsiveness. It’s like sitting right between two studio speakers and turning off all the reflections and ambient noise in the room.

In addition to the space they create, the pads provide a very comfortable fit. They completely cover the ears with a soft touch feeling on the leather-like outer material. But the memory foam inside allows the earpads to find a natural resting position on your ears and not crash into your head. This means that even during extended listening sessions, your ears won’t feel fatigued from continuous pressure against them. The adjoining band is adjustable to fit almost any head size, even my oversized skull. So finding a comfortable fit only took a few small adjustments to get the pads sitting where I wanted them. It’s also padded, on the top ridge, so any part of the Monitor 60s that comes in contact with you is soft and comfortable. With only one cable exiting the right ear cup, this ensures you won’t get caught up in it as you move around the mixer, studio or booth.

So for design and fit, these headphones tick all the boxes. Now comes the most important factor, the sound. I have tried and tested hundreds and hundreds of headphones over the past two decades. I’ve reviewed over a hundred pairs of headphones in my time with Mixdown magazine, with many selling for up to 10 times the price of the Monitor 60s. With that in mind, I can honestly say that these headphones hold up when it comes to audio clarity. Looks like you just spent a disgusting amount of money.

Many times we see claims of perfectly flat frequency responses in headphones across all sections of the market. Besides being wildly false, such claims aren’t quite ideal with a pair of closed-back speakers over your ears, unaffected by environmental characteristics and reflections. So it’s nice to see that the Monitor 60s don’t claim to have a flat frequency response, in fact they have a carefully sculpted sound that actually sounds flat, when far enough away.

There’s a bump around 100Hz, a dip around 4kHz and a peak at 7kHz, among a range of other subtle adjustments. The result is an articulate sound that allows vocals to be heard clearly, but not pushed forward in the mix. It has an “air” to the sound that gives the impression of being in a studio room, without actually having the studio there. It brings together the complete audio image and makes it look natural. And that’s what real response should be in a pair of headphones, the feeling of no coloration, the illusion of a flat frequency response.

But you don’t have to listen to me blaspheme how good they sound. These headphones are backed by Sony Hi-Res Audio verification. This means that the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones have been tested and proven to deliver Hi-Res audio to a standard set by Sony for playing digital audio. These are not just designed for listening to CDs. You can expect clarity and audio quality that delivers when replicating high-resolution digital files without losing sound quality when playing. It’s fine to record at 96K sample rates, but if you can’t hear the difference, you’re just wasting disk space for no reason. With Sony’s verification of these headphones, you can be sure you’ll be able to hear that extra quality found in high resolution recordings.

You can use them in the studio for tracking, mixing, and editing, you can use them in a DJ booth in high volume situations, or you can just use them on the couch when you really want to listen to music. You can be sure they will be very comfortable to wear and deliver amazing audio reproduction. You won’t want to take those headphones off!

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