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Do you like listening to sad songs? here’s why

American author Susan Cain is a big fan of sadness.

Specifically, she has a deep interest in sad music and the “mysterious and seemingly paradoxical” joy or pleasure it can elicit.

Mrs. Cain tried to understand why sad music – that of Leonard Cohen, for example – moves her more than others.

Understand it was made trickier by a certain stigma around sadness. We tend to avoid sad emotions as if there’s something to be ashamed of, Ms. Cain argues.

“We all know that life contains these two poles of joy and sadness and all that…and yet we’re not supposed to talk about half of our emotional experience,” she said. ABC RN Life Matters.

Author Susan Cain has spent decades trying to figure out why she loves listening to sad music.(Provided: Aaron Fedor)

But in a world filled with “toxic positivity,” she says, exploring feelings of “sadness, heartache, or longing” isn’t just okay — it’s essential to living a full, meaningful life.

The “mystery” of sad music

When Mrs. Cain listens to melancholy music, it doesn’t make her sad.

On the contrary, the music gives him a “sense of connection” to others. It inspires feelings of “love and gratitude” to the musician or the music “for being able to turn what obviously started in grief into something beautiful and even transcendent”.

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