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5 game franchises that need to return to the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase

The gaming industry is brutal. Xbox and Microsoft have tried to make their presence known by delivering quality titles that have excited fans and gamers alike.

There’s been a subtle shift in the balance of the “console wars,” and Xbox seems to have finally regained the pedigree that defined them in the early 2000s. Games released over the past two years prove this exceptionally well, and they do indeed give Sony a run for their money.

Making a popular video game franchise is hard work. Getting fans on board is hard enough, but keeping them there is even harder. The most popular series from the early days of Xbox have undergone many changes.

From changing developers to outright closing, this list takes a look at some popular video game franchises that would be a surprise if they made a return to Xbox. Bethesda Showcase of games.

Five game franchises ready to return to the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase

1) Killer instinct

In the world of fighting games, players have a ton of options. There are classics like Street Fighter and Tekken, and then there are new age fighters in Guilty Gear and Injustice. However, this entry is as old as the classics themselves.

The Killer Instinct franchise has been around since the days of the arcade cabinet, and it’s captured the hearts of fans ever since. The series has been ported to all relevant consoles, and the last time it was released was in 2013.

Killer Instinct is a fighting game similar to mortal combat and Street Fighter but brings its own uniqueness to the table. Legendary video game developer Rareware developed it, and the franchise has been well received, with users enjoying a well-deserved break from classic fighters.

Killer Instinct is a franchise that’s been gone for over a decade now. There was no conversation of Xbox that the series will one day be revived. It was a good fighting game series, but Rareware is working on other projects, and if it somehow shows up at Bethesda’s showcase, fans will be over the moon.

2) Conkers

Legendary Rare has released some of the most classic games available, and they’ve always delivered on delivering a fun experience. The company has always had a good eye for tile making, and its library is no joke.

Offerings that put Rare on that pedestal deserve the praise they receive. Conker is a simple platformer that has become a cult classic over time. The game was praised for its simple and wacky design, suited to the young audience that Rare was targeting.

Conker can be considered the product of the 90s, and Mario being the first platform game, the competition was fierce. The title was criticized for its overtly angry tones, but Rare was trying to set itself apart from the forerunners of the time.

The Conker series has been dead in the water for some time and there have been no calls to revive the franchise. With the second Rare franchise missing from the list, distraught fans will be thrilled if they see Conker return to their TV screens via the Xbox Showcase.

3) Banjo Kazooie

Rare has become a mainstay on this list. They’ve made such classic titles for the older generation of consoles that there’s a lot of nostalgia attached to the developer.

When Xbox bought Rare, fans were excited to see what they were going to get next. The latter has deep pockets, and with enough funding, all of Rare’s projects could be ported to the next generation.

Rare has worked on a ton of new and old projects. They announced new titles and kept their live game, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, incredibly fun.

The number of projects Rare has worked on can only be seen as a good thing, as Xbox seems to give them a lot of creative freedom. Their next game, Everwild, looks promising and fans are eager for more information.

The Banjo series is one of the best 3D platforms never created. The art design choice complements the lighthearted nature of the game very well. Banjo and Kazooie are a dream team, and the kids of this era were amazed at the wonderful world they inhabited.

Banjo Kazooie received a spiritual successor in Yooka-Laylee but was never able to capture the essence of the original. The game series is set to make a comeback, and Xbox holds all the cards in this deal.

4) Alan Wake

Alan Wake was described as a horror film disguised as a game. This did not detract from the gaming experience as it received critical acclaim in its narrative and gameplay design.

Alan Wake was created by Remedy Entertainment and was the benchmark for creating a psychological horror experience. The title was well-crafted for its time and the emphasis on story gave it a lot of depth.

Alan Wake follows the story of the titular character as he goes through a series of unfortunate and horrific events that puzzle players. The game’s narrative pushes them to uncover the secrets and mysteries, which doesn’t feel forced. It’s very well designed, and it’s proven to be the remastered title for next-gen consoles.

Alan Wake is a linear story and seems to have found its own end, but there has been a call to revive the game and make it a true franchise. Xbox and Microsoft have Remedy Entertainment and could theoretically put this plan into motion.

Only time will tell if there are any plans for Alan Wake in the future.

5) Fallout

Bethesda Games has been at the forefront of the RPG genre for quite some time now. Groundbreaking titles like Elder Scrolls and Fallout entered the video game hall of fame.

These titles were known for their incredible attention to detail, and the work that Bethesda did was phenomenal. The organization had gold in their hands with the Fallout series, and fans have supported everything they’ve done since.

Fallout 76 is one of the sneakiest and most dubious titles offered to players in history. The game is horribly broken, filled with questionable practices, and is literally unplayable.

There’s no Fallout fan who likes this slaughter of Fallout games, and Bethesda is to blame. Fans may not have forgotten this parody, but they still hold Bethesda to high standards.

Fallout games need a revival. The accumulated goodwill was pushed out the window with Fallout 76, and there hasn’t been an announcement of a new Fallout game since.

There’s been public outcry for a true revival of Fallout titles, and fans will take any form of vindication from Bethesda. The Xbox Games Showcase can be a great time to show off any footage of a new Fallout offering.

Note: This article reflects the views of the author.

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