Elden Ring Player Will Keep Crushing Malenia With New Builds Until DLC Comes

Elden Ring Player will continue to crush Malenia with new versions until the DLC is released

Ring of Elden is gigantic. The Lands Between is full of things to see, like cut content that reveals entire quest lines Where some of the best drops around. Still, a vocal set of gamers can’t help but clamor for a bit of this delicious DLC. The DLC topic pops up regularly in Ring of Eldenthe official subreddit ofalthough FromSoftware says next to nothing about add-on content for its latest souls-As. And now, a player who goes by JPNBusinessman has opted for a curious self-imposed challenge: beat Malenia, Blade of Miquella, every other day with a different build until Ring of Elden The DLC is announced.

You may remember Malenia. It is the red-haired goddess who is both an important part of Ring of Elden the tradition and fantasy of Let Me Solo Her, a legendary player who recently beat Malenia for the 1000th time. Fans love Miquella’s Blade. They did fan art and fanfiction about her. (Of course there is porn.) They debated whether she would win in fights against other FromSoft characters like The protagonist of Sekiro, the wolf. There are even amazing malenia cosplay there that really captures its commanding elegance. With all the love Malenia, Redditor JPNBusinessman wanted to get in on it too. So he devised a plan to fight her every other day, swapping out his build with something completely new each time. It’s a pretty wild thing.

JPNBusinessman, a fifth-grade teacher in California, was fight Malenia since April 25. But unlike LMSH, JPNB uses a whole new strat each time it enters Elphael arena fight against the Blade of Miquella. He posts about it on the game’s subreddit after each win, sharing all relevant details (such as build and inspiration) alongside a video reception of the proof.

There are a variety of builds that JPNB has already tried. He made one centered around the fearsome Moonveil katana and another based on Godrick’s Most Forgotten But Still Loved Soldier. It is even asked for suggestions of strategies to try when he’s out of ideas. JPNB said Kotaku because Rennala Queen of the Full Moon is easy to access after defeating her, he is quickly able to change his gear, reallocate his rune points, and re-engage Malenia with a new look. This allowed JPNB to discover some of their favorite weapons, as well as some builds that just sucked.

“My favorite build would be my Sellen because he challenged me to step out of the ‘nuke everything’ box that spellcasters focus on,” said JPNB. “Instead, I focused on using the game’s tremendous variety of spells to choose a spell for multiple situations. Least favorite build would probably be my first, which was a Rivers of Blood basic. At the time, I couldn’t hit (kill Malenia without being hit) without relying on Corpse Piler, the weapon skill that melts all enemies in addition to a few bleed resistant ones.

But it’s the source of the ideas that is the most endearing part of his daily struggle with Malenia. As a fifth grade teacher, JPNB interacts daily with an assortment of children, getting to know their classroom habits and personalities. It is his students who constitute one of the sources of inspiration for his Ring of Elden built.

“In choosing builds, I think about their personality and what kind of character or game archetype would fit them,” JPNB said. “For example, I have a student who likes to deflect praise with sarcasm and keep his friends at a distance. So I make a build where you parry Malenia with a large golden shield and use a heavy thrusting sword to pull her away from you. I have another idea based on a student who, during group projects, does nothing and just orders the kids around (they end up doing well). This would be a build where you summon a bunch of summons and then hide in the corner while they fight Malenia for you. They don’t know that I imagine them defeating a demigod.

Ouch. Talk about being read for grime, but it’s all fun. JPNB said its students would “probably think it’s great and want to learn more about the game and the versions based on it.” But being a teacher can be a demanding job and although he doesn’t give a lot of homework, he gives tests very often. JPNB said he “catch himself to rank between the dead”.

It wasn’t just his students who inspired him either. JPNB has credited both LMSH and Redditor Atijohnwho was fighting sekirothe final boss every day until Ring of Elden abandoned, like other inspiring personalities for this challenge. He has even LMSH emulated build with a unique sword twistclaiming that the goat player “helps balance the toxicity that comes from the competitive part of souls Games.” He wouldn’t want to be LMSH, though, because what he’s doing “takes double the time” of what JPNB is trying here.

So for now he’ll just keep Malenia solo until others Ring of Elden the content is revealed. He’s already on his fourteenth day, with more building ideas in a spreadsheet that he accesses on his commute. As for DLC ideas, he’d like the usual stuff: bosses, lore, weapons, that sort of thing. But on top of all that, there’s something more specific that JPNB hopes FromSoft is working on.

“I think it would be nice to have a friendly co-op storyline that works seamlessly in-game,” JPNB said. “Something like a level that requires you to bring in an online helper or an NPC if you’re playing offline. In general, the multiplayer experience could be a little smoother. I know modders are working on it, but FromSoft could also do more work there.

You and me, JPNB.

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