What We’re Expecting To See During Friday’s State Of Play

What we expect to see during Friday’s State of Play

The next PlayStation State of Play broadcast is scheduled for Friday morning. State of Play Day is always a time of great excitement and anticipation for what may be announced. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about what may or may not happen during the show.

What do we really know?

PlayStation said the show will feature updates and announcements from third-party developers and publishers. The back half of the show, the part PlayStation usually reserves for its feature showcase, will focus on PlayStation VR2.

As far as state of play show information goes, it’s honestly pretty vague. Sony has made a habit of being very clear about what fans should and shouldn’t expect from every broadcast. A line to the effect of “We won’t talk about (Anticipated First Party Exclusive) in this broadcast” was appended to the announcement of each new inventory. Sony’s reason for adopting this policy is to better manage the expectations of a social media fanbase inclined to sideline with the hype.

This time, however, no such message accompanied by the ad. Does that mean all bets are off? No, probably not. But it does allow us to make some educated guesses about what we should expect.

In the speculation zone

PlayStation VR2

What to expect from PlayStation VR2 State of Play? My expectation is a launch range of some description. If that’s not a release date, then I would expect at least a release window. The current expectation is that Sony’s overhauled VR headset will be launched in early 2023. Although we really only know one game so far, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, PlayStation said it wanted to have 20 games ready to launch with the new device.

That’s a lot of games for a launch window. What we don’t know is how many of these will be ports of VR titles on other platforms, like Oculus or the Vive, though it’s fair to expect a few- some of them are. What will be interesting to see is whether PlayStation will roll out VR spinoffs from any other proprietary IPs. Do Horizon: The Call of the Mountain indicates Sony wants to use its library of recognizable games and characters to spark interest in PSVR? Guess we’re about to find out.

Beyond that, the question this State of Play show has to answer is: will the PlayStation VR2 be significantly different from the original? Can it stand on its own in a field full of competing headsets and make a stronger case than the more prototypical PlayStation VR?

Third-party publishers

Given that Papa Geoff Keighley has locked up a truly mind-boggling number of publishers for his Summer Game Fest event next week, I find it hard to believe that a third-party publisher wants to spill all their secrets just yet.

Unless they bring something to PlayStation as an exclusive, I expect here that we’ll see some updates around existing games. I’m also expecting new announcements from smaller studios and probably a few independents. If any bigger publishers show up, I expect it will be to release teasers for the games they plan to talk about at Summer Game Fest next week. A Call of Duty tease here. A Skull and bones foreshadows there.

Do I expect it to have classic PlayStation E3 bombs? I do not think so. Sony might surprise us with a God of War Ragnarok release date I guess, but I also think it’s the kind of thing that has its own airplay, similar to Horizon: West forbidden.

Temper your expectations

If you’re expecting tomorrow’s State of Play to be a throwback to the nonstop E3 ​​PlayStation-era charts, I think you’ll be disappointed. Temper your expectations, understand that this will probably be a demo for a piece of hardware coming out before Christmas, and you’ll probably have a great time.

Concerned, as always, for your catch! Do you miss the spectacle of the old PlayStation E3 showcase? Do you love PlayStation VR2 or did the original tell you everything you needed to know? Have your say in the comments below and let us know.

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