Why the ex-manager offered Guy $1.2 million

Guy Sebastian’s ex-manager claimed the singer owed him $1.2million and questioned why the pop star wasn’t charged with fraud, a court has heard.

Guy Sebastian’s former manager wanted him ‘out of his life’ and asked why the singer hadn’t been charged with fraud over an alleged $1.2million debt he owed, a court said.

Titus Day made the remarks in July 2020 during his first interview with police, which was recorded and broadcast outside the NSW District Court on Friday.

The 49-year-old is on trial, accused of fraudulently embezzling around $900,000 in cash believed to be owed to Mr Sebastian.

“He [Mr Sebastian] terminated my contract,” Mr. Day told Detective David Murphy after his arrest.

“Why isn’t he arrested for fraud because he doesn’t pay my commissions? I don’t understand.

“There is approximately $1.2 million that is due. He came out and told all the companies not to pay us.

In the interview, Detective Murphy said Mr Day’s bank statements showed that, although he was paid for the work carried out by Mr Sebastian, he had repeatedly failed to pass on the amounts of money correct to the former Australian Idol winner.

“Any money I took out of the trust account would be money Guy owed me…I never took money that wasn’t owed to me,” Mr Day said.

“Sometimes the money comes in and there are bank charges, flights, accommodation and all kinds of other costs that come out.”

Mr Day said he tried to resolve his dispute with Mr Sebastian and recover the money he claimed was owed to him, but failed,

“I said ‘the rest of the $1.2 million, you can keep it and disappear from my life,'” Mr Day told Detective Murphy.

Asked about a missing part of a $54,000 payment Mr Sebastian received for performing at a wedding in Jakarta, Mr Day said ‘it’s a withholding tax’.

“That doesn’t seem fair to me, I don’t know,” Mr Day said when asked to explain why bank statements appeared to show he had withheld $147,000 that Mr Sebastian owed as part of a $494,000 deal to support a Taylor Swift tour.

After Detective Murphy said Mr. Day had approximately $324,000 left when he was owed Mr. Sebastian for the You Me Us and Madness tours, Mr. Day said: ‘I can’t say anything. until I watch it” and “there would be an explanation for all of this”.

“There are 400 pages of bank statements that I have to go through,” he said.

Earlier today, Mr Sebastian’s wife, Jules, a celebrity stylist and TV presenter, came into the witness box to give evidence about the events following an alleged home invasion at her family’s home in Sydney in 2012.

The court was told Ms Sebastian gave police a triple 0 after discovering a man who allegedly tried to break into the house.

“I know he [Mr Sebastian] was holding the man who came and tried to break into my house with my nine week old baby and when he came I know there was some kind of contact but it wasn’t a bang intentional head that I could see,” Ms. Sebastian told the defence. lawyer Dominic Toomey SC.

“There was some contact.”

Mr Toomey told the court the man who allegedly tried to break into Sebastian’s house had been charged with trespassing, but the case was thrown out after Ms Sebastian gave evidence.

“The triple-0 call that was played in court established that what you said in your statement [to police] wasn’t right, was it? Mr. Toomey asked Ms. Sebastian.

She replied, “I believe I gave my statement to the police as I remember it.”

Ms Sebastian told the court she did not ‘believe’ she discussed the content of her police statement, about the 2012 incident, with Mr Sebastian.

Asked if she had discussed concerns about her statement with Mr Day’s wife, Courtney, Ms Sebastian said ‘maybe, I don’t remember’.

Mr Toomey said ‘did you tell Ms Day that you were seeing a counselor because you had concerns about the content of your statement to the police?’.

“I’ve seen counselors for various things in my life,” Ms Sebastian replied.

“The whole process was very trying and very scary and I didn’t enjoy it…it was a very difficult time.”

Ms Sebastian told the court she was ‘shocked’ to hear that Mr Day had applied for an apprehended violence order to be made against Mr Sebastian.

The court was told that AVO’s claim, which was later withdrawn, suggested Mr Sebastian had a violent history.

Ms Sebastian said she “maybe” assumed the reference to a violent story was related to the 2012 home invasion incident.

“I wasn’t thinking about that…he’s not a violent man,” she said.

“I was very shocked by this [AVO] because he is not a violent man.

The trial continues.

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