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While Google has its own line of Android phones, there is no official Android Watch. Huawei has worked to fill this gap and the Huawei Watch GT Runner is a beautiful smartwatch for Android that keeps you informed and helps you focus on managing your day-to-day health. It offers up to 14 days of battery life – oh, and iOS users can use it too.

The Android market includes a rich range of handsets and tablets at all price points, from numerous manufacturers. Yet while Google provides the Google Pixel line of handsets for that pure Android experience, there’s no official Android Watch.

Samsung, Withings, and some other vendors have managed to fill the void with a limited set of offerings, but that’s Huawei coming out feature-rich watch after feature-rich watch.

The latest, the Huawei Watch GT 3 series, launched two months ago and iTWire put one to the test. I watched the Watch Huawei GT Runnermore officially known as the RUN-819 model, while colleague Alex Zaharov-Reutt tested the Huawei Watch GT 3.

These two beautiful new units are powered by HarmonyOS 2.1 and work with Android and iOS to provide the user with a dynamic and convenient experience without compromising functionality and intelligence.

Like previous watches from Huawei, the company has packed the GT Runner full of features and full of smarts. It fits firmly into the Huawei Watch GT 3 family but is aimed at those who are serious about maximizing their health and fitness. It was created with a high-strength polymer fiber body and an ultra-lightweight ceramic bezel, as well as hollowed-out watch lugs. As such, it is comfortable and sturdy, but also brings precise data monitoring and a professional operating environment.

The last time I explored a Huawei smartwatch, the GT 2, I found to be incredibly feature rich. Its list of inclusions grew and grew – long battery life, a brilliant display and plenty of sports modes.

Well, this time GT 3 series features include new Huawei TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology which provides higher accuracy with lower power consumption, all-day SpO2 monitoring providing detection level no matter what you’re doing, support for multiple satellite systems, 100+ workout modes, AI running coach and health and fitness assistants for healthy living, and alerts weather based on the built-in barometer. The GT Runner adds antennae in the pods to improve GPS performance – the same hollowed-out pods mentioned above that give it added comfort and lightness for the dedicated athlete – and these offer tracking, sharing of route and other related features improved.

As Huawei always does, the GT 3 and GT Runner come with a sleek watch case design, edge-to-edge HD display, always-on watch faces, and literally thousands of app watch face options. Huawei Health.

Ultimately, it’s a powerful, comfortable, and remarkable watch that continues Huawei’s evolution. This is evident in its TrueSeen technology which measures heart rate, SpO2 detection and wear detection. In its first version, TrueSeen came with one photosensor and three LEDs, up to eight photosensors and six LEDs, all combined to provide precise monitoring and detection – whether you’re sleeping, working out or just living normally. The heart rate algorithm is now in version 5.0 and will automatically increase monitoring while you undertake irregular activities such as high impact interval training, sprint intervals or strength training.

With five-system dual-band GNSS, the watch can track your exact route during an outdoor workout for your own logging or sharing with others and includes a smart ‘backtrack’ feature so you can find your way back. path.

Now it looks good, feels good, and gives you plenty of data to help you manage your fitness. It also motivates and inspires. The new AI running coach will customize running plans based on your own personal data and set training goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fit runner or, like me, you end up walking a 5k run in the park most of the time (but hey, I showed up) – the watch will give you a running plan. personalized training.

It’s something that I found really fascinating. Yes, other smartwatches and fitness trackers will record metrics and let you review the data – but here the GT Runner will give you an intelligent assessment of your day and scientifically adjust workout times and workout intensity. training to help you progress in a way that promotes success and keeps you encouraged and on track. The plan can be dynamically adjusted.

It was a great feature, and the more I used the watch the more I found it gently increasing my activity and pushing me to stretch and work out more. He became my non-judgmental coach who first helped set goals, and second, helped me learn the positive steps I should take on my own.

Additionally, the GT Runer – in conjunction with the Huawei Health app – will give you suggestions for improving your overall health in areas such as breathing, emotions, sleep and mental well-being.

An interesting druid-like ability of the new GT Runner is Healthy Living Shamrock. The Shamrock, like a wise old guardian, reminds you when to get up, when to drink water and when to exercise. It sets daily goals and provides reminders, leading you to a consistent sleep schedule and lifestyle that starts your day energized and maximizes your potential.

At first I found it difficult – I was regularly reminded to walk, drink water or even smile – but as the days passed I discovered that I was definitely more energetic. I started the day with a hop – instead of fumbling for the snooze button – and felt good about myself.

There’s a lot to like about the Huawei GT Runner. As always, we can cite specs – wireless charging, up to 14 days of battery life, Bluetooth support, includes six sensors, includes positioning systems, water resistant – but that’s the kind of watch you have to see and try for yourself. It’s not just a watch, and it’s not just a fitness tracker. Instead, the GT Runner is a lifestyle device that strives to help you find your best self.

If you want a smartwatch that’s more than a smartwatch – but one that gives you data to measure your health, that gives you peace of mind, that monitors your vital signs, and that not only collects data, but uses them to coach, gently mentor and inspire, then this is the watch for you.

The Huawei GT Runner has an RRP of $599.

Check it here:

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