Prince Louis reminds us that although royalty, he is still a four-year-old

The final day of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations was filled with even more glitz, pageantry and parades – but not without another viral moment thanks to one of the Royal Family’s youngest members.

Four-year-old Prince Louis stole the show again when he got a little (or a lot) daring with his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

At Sunday’s show in central London, heir to the throne Prince Charles and his son Prince William watched from the seating area outside Buckingham Palace with their families.

But Prince Louis reminded the world that even though he is a royal, he is still only four years old.

Apparently during the festivities, in their fourth day, the young prince seemed to have a spat.

When his mother bent down to have a word with her son, Louis promptly pushed her away, throwing his hand over his mouth.

Prince Louis silences his mother, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, during the Platinum Jubilee pageant. (Reuters/Pool: Chris Jackson)

But Louis had not finished.

When the Duchess motioned for her youngest to watch the parade, he stuck his tongue out, put his thumb to his nose and wiggled his remaining fingers.

William, seated two seats lower, struggled to get their youngest lined up, but was greeted with folded arms.

Even Mike Tindall, who married Zara Phillips, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter, Princess Anne, jokingly tried to bring the toddler to heel, seeing Louis wave his eyes on him.

Prince Louis' uncle Mike Tindall gives him a thumbs up
Mike Tindall gestures towards Prince Louis during the Platinum Jubilee pageant.(PA: Ian Vogler/Pool)

This isn’t the first time the young prince has stolen the show at Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Earlier in the week, when the Royal Family joined the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the ColorLouis specified that the RAF overflight was STRONG.

The Queen stands on the palace balcony watching the color parade with her grandson Louis covering his ears and shouting
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Louis appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as part of the Trooping the Color Parade during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. (Reuters: Hannah McKay)

The images went viral on social media, with the four-year-old becoming a Twitter sensation and the snaps launching a thousand memes.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said “as the parent of a four-year-old child who is not in line with the throne, Prince Louis, we see you and we understand you. “.


Parents and family lawyer Georgie Dent said: “Prince Louis is in a real mood and I’m here for it.”


Louis’ break with royal protocol drew parallels with a moment from the 1988 Trooping the Color celebrations when, on the same Buckingham Palace balcony, a young Prince Harry stuck his tongue out.

A young Prince Harry sits on Princess Diana's hip and sticks his tongue out on the balcony during the Platinum Jubilee.
Prince Harry sticks his tongue out as he, Princess Diana and Prince William watch the Trooping the Color ceremony from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on June 11, 1988.(PA: Steve Holland/File)

The balcony appearance is the centerpiece of nearly every royal celebration in Britain, a chance for the public to catch a glimpse of the family gathered for a big photo to mark weddings, coronations and jubilees.

Apart from the spats, Prince Louis appeared to bounce and was seen hugging his mother for the rest of the parade.

Louis leans on his mother Kate.
Prince Louis leans on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, during the Platinum Jubilee pageant.(PA/Pool: Chris Jackson)

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