Savage act at Coles divides TikTok users

A TikTok user was left baffled after spotting two women with a cart full of lettuce leaves with his clip going viral.

Two shoppers were filmed splitting lettuce with the act, presumably in response to rising grocery prices.

A ICT Tac user shared the now viral video of the two women in what appears to be a Coles in Western Australia, “literally ripping the green bits out of every iceberg lettuce”.

The women can be seen with a cart full of loose lettuce after ripping the leaves off several heads in the store’s produce section.

Iceberg lettuce recently sold for up to $12 a head in some supermarkets

The law, however, has divided some online users who have argued that lettuce is sold by “each” and not by weight.

“So they’re actually robbing anyone who buys a lettuce after them,” one person said.

“Why do they think they (sic) have the right to do this?” another asked, while a third said they would have said something to the women.

“They just don’t have any respect for anyone,” she continued.

“Not only that, but the fact that they’re touching all that lettuce that customers will buy. I would report it, ”added another.

The video has garnered over 186,000 views since it was posted on TikTok on Sunday.

And while many slammed the pair’s act, others came to their defense saying more often than not people throw away the faded outer layer.

“I mean, does anyone actually eat that first layer anyway,” one person pointed out.

“I know some stores will just give away the large outer sheets of the bin as they are rubbish. Is that what they’re doing here? asked a second person.

Some people who own pet rabbits and guinea pigs have said that despite some stores allowing shoppers to take leftovers, women have gone too far.

” I was going to say. I am going to Aldi and get all the stuff that fell for my guinea pigs for free but they are ripping them off here,” one TikTok user wrote.

“You are allowed to remove leftover lettuce from bins at most grocery stores for free, but you cannot fill a cart by removing lettuce,” said another.

At the end of the clip, the TikTok user who filmed the act flips the phone to himself and sarcastically says, “That’s very hygienic.” has contacted Coles for comment.

According to Consumer price indexbetween the March quarter of 2021 and 2022, the cost of food and non-alcoholic beverages alone increased by 4.3%.

The most significant increase was in the cost of fuel, which increased by 11%.

Regarding groceries, the CPI revealed that the cost of fruits and vegetables increased by 6.7% over the last year, while meat and seafood increased by 6, 2%.

Bread and cereal products also increased by 3 percent, dairy and related products by 4.1 percent and food products by 4.2 percent.

In fact, Australia’s cost of living crisis forced one mother to choose between buying food or taking a hot shower.

Paulene Stephanie from Redcliffe, Queensland, said she struggled so much with rising grocery and electricity costs that she sometimes skipped meals to ensure her children were properly looked after.

“When the children are there, I laugh. When it’s not, I’ve sat up at night crying over the bills,” she told Ten News.

Rising freight costs, recent extreme weather events and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have exacerbated short- and long-term supply issues and sent soaring world food and oil prices.

However, agriculture expert David Williams said that without even considering the war in Ukraine, weather disasters or labor shortages, “Covid-related effects alone” would have good businesses driving up their costs. 10% this year. “Major one-time increases in grain costs will drive feed inflation and increase the cost of animal feed and therefore beef and other protein,” Williams said.The Australian.

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