Marriage texts bring Guy back on the witness stand

Guy Sebastian has made a surprise return to the witness box after it was revealed he texted a superfan about flights to a lavish wedding.

A series of posts about a lavish wedding in Venice have brought Guy Sebastian back to court.

The singer returned to the witness box on Monday to give more evidence in the trial of his former manager Titus Day, who was accused of fraudulently embezzling around $900,000 allegedly owed to Mr Sebastian.

Christian Bugno, a super fan who blackmailed Mr. Sebastian at his wedding in Venice in 2016, previously told the NSW District Court that he received several text messages from the former Australian Idol winner on May 23.

In the messages, which were sent between periods in which Mr. Sebastian was cross-examined, Mr. Bugno said his father had paid to transport Mr. Day and Mr. Sebastian to the wedding.

The ceremony is one of several events Mr. Sebastian was paid to perform at and Mr. Day was entitled to a 20% commission; however, it is alleged that Mr. Day kept more money than he was entitled to.

Mr Day’s lawyer, Dominic Toomey SC, told the court that Mr Sebastian was excused from speaking to the Crown prosecutor’s team after being cross-examined on May 23, but no mention was made. was made of Mr. Bugno and a general instruction was given not to discuss. evidence at trial with someone else.

Mr Sebastian replied ‘no one told me I couldn’t’ when asked if he had been told he could contact Mr Bugno.

“I haven’t been told any such thing…if I can provide information I will, especially if I know it’s not true,” Mr Sebastian said.

“The purpose was to gather evidence related to cross-examination.”

When Mr. Toomey asked if Mr. Sebastian thought it was his job to gather evidence for criminal proceedings, Mr. Sebastian replied “well, I have the contact”.

“I said I’ll text whoever made the trip,” Mr Sebastian said.

“Because we’re in court, I need to get evidence and not just say ‘oh, I remember’.

“I clearly remember Mr Day saying ‘our flights are paid for, let’s take a trip there’…everything I did, I did it right.”

After Mr. Sebastian finished giving evidence, Mr. Toomey spent the rest of the day grilling the police officer handling the case.

Detective David Murphy told the court he visited Mr Sebastian several times to discuss the case after the couple met through mutual friend Tim Freeburn, who had previously played at cricket with the detective.

The court was told as Det Murphy thought Mr Freeburn could have provided physical evidence – because he attended a meeting between Mr Day and Mr Sebastian after their relationship broke down – a statement by Mr. Freeburn was never taken.

Mr Toomey said: “So you [Det Murphy] tell this jury that you perceive there would be a conflict of interest in obtaining a statement from Mr. Freeburn, but you did not perceive there was a conflict of interest in you remaining the investigating officer? »

Det. Murphy replied, “That’s right.”

“I spoke to the DPP [Office of the Director of Public Prosecution] and a decision was made not to make a statement on his part [Mr Freeburn]said Detective Murphy.

The court was told that Detective Murphy had told a superior that he and Mr. Freeburn knew each other, but the couple were not considered friends, despite Mr. Freeburn having the detective’s phone number.

“I had known him for a long time…[he was a] cowardly friend, I don’t call him, I don’t talk to him,’ Detective Murphy said of Mr Freeburn.

Although Mr Day provided explanations for a range of reasons why it might have appeared that Mr Sebastian had not received the correct sums of money, the court was told that Detective Murphy had not contacted various other persons or companies that Mr. Day would have paid to Mr. on behalf of Sébastien.

“You knew what they might tell you might be at least exculpatory,” Mr Toomey asked.

Detective Murphy said “well, there’s always a possibility that there isn’t”.

The trial continues.

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