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US tech giant Apple has lifted the lid on their long-kept secrets, showing off their upgraded systems’ flashy new specs, the iOS 16, iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9 and new macOS Ventura, as well as the newest in their line of MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro.

Okay, maybe there weren’t physical iPhones, iPads, or even Apple Watches. It seems that many people in the industry were wrong in their predictions that the company would unveil the new devices, as it looks like the company will be waiting to reveal them to the world until later in the year.

However, we could see important updates regarding new systems that are more than likely to welcome the new hardware, when it will inevitably be released to the public. Apple started its presentation by showcasing its new iOS 16 systems, which come with a number of awesome new features.


Initially, let’s just say that the rumors circulating about the addition of widgets were more than a little on point, as users will have the ability to add and remove a number of different widgets, such as weather, calendar, alarm, etc. they see fit. iOS 16 will give users the ability to customize their lock screen, change their clock font and color, and display their favorite photos.

Plus, they’ll be able to customize a number of different lock screens and switch between them on the fly. Notifications will now take up a smaller portion of the home screen, appearing at the bottom in an expanded list view, stacked list view, or hidden view. Live activities will give users the ability to keep up to date with things that matter to them, like the outcome of a sports match in progress or a pizza delivery.

The new lock screen will give users the ability to add and remove widgets as they see fit. Source: Apple Inc.

Users will also be able to add multiple stops to their route with Maps, while Apple Pay will give them the option of multiple payments on a single product. Siri will have pre-installed functions for all apps without any configuration by users.

Beyond that, however, several key features will be available on all compatible Apple devices.

iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9 and all the rest…

One of them is the ability to edit or cancel a message that has already been sent or mark it as unread if a user is unable to read it at that time. Messages will also have the new SharePlay option, allowing people to watch a show at the same time as someone else via Apple TV+.

Mail will have an improved search function and will come with some cool new features, such as the ability to unsend an email that has already been sent (finally!), scheduling an email, as well as adding follow-ups to an email and rich links.

But one of the most impressive features of the new system upgrades is undoubtedly the AR integration which will allow users to interact with their photos like never before. Thanks to new technologies, people will have the possibility of isolating certain aspects – like a person – of their photos and removing all the background. Imagine the possibilities of meme!

Additionally, the new systems will now be able to read any form of text from a video, with users able to copy and paste it into another document of their choice. Pretty cool! And it’s better. Any text read by the device’s camera will be automatically translated by the device itself. For example, if you are using a phone and you spot the address of a random website that you would like to visit later, all you have to do is point the camera at it and you will receive a prompt to visit the website.

Among other exciting new features, the one announced at the show was the seamless FaceTime transition between the phone’s camera and the MacBook’s. Without the need to press a button, the camera of one device immediately recognizes the other and switches automatically. However, users will also be able to use their iPhone’s camera as a webcam, again without the need for any other settings.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

In the hardware department, Apple also showed the world a preview of its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The former will be available in two new colors compared to its previous version, which was only available in silver and “starlight” (gold), with the addition of “midnight” (navy blue) and “space grey” ( dark gray) to mix it. Powered by the company’s new M2 chip, the latest MacBook Air will be more than 1.4 times faster than the M1 model, with nearly 18 hours of battery life.

Its two Thunderbolt ports and a single MagSafe ensure it can be charged in just under 20 minutes, giving users the speed they need.

The new MacBook Airs are available in two new colors, in addition to silver and gold. Source: Apple Inc.

As for the new MacBook Pro, it will be a little smaller than its previous version (down to a 13-inch screen compared to its previous 14- and 16-inch options), but with the power of the M2 chip, it will also be capable of more exploits. The new Touch Bar will help users with all their edits, giving them the ability to add and remove any functions they see fit.

The new MacBooks will be available next month, according to Apple.

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