Debate rages over Prince Louis Jubilee collapse

Prince Louis’ cheeky behavior during the Queen’s Jubilee has sparked much debate. Is this typical four-year-old behavior or a sign of something deeper?

Four-year-old Prince Louis and his many faces continued to steal the show at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend.

On Sunday, during the Jubilee Pageant Parade at Buckingham Palace Mall, he was caught making provocative expressions to his mother in a now viral moment. When she seemed to try to discipline him, he defiantly covered his mouth and stuck his tongue out at her, pulled another woman’s hair, and snub her mother.

The little royal’s latest bout of cheeky behavior has sparked debate: Is he just a normal restless kid or walking proof that the Cambridges run an out-of-control household with an ineffectual and cowardly millennial parenting ethos?

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Kaitlin Soulé, California-based licensed family and marriage therapist and author of A Little Less Hot Mess: The Modern Mom’s Guide to Growth and Evolution, says it’s the first. The behavior of little Louis, she told the Jobwas “completely normal and developmentally appropriate”.

Soulé continued, “With kids his age, part of their developmental task is to push boundaries and figure out how to be in the world.

“And they can’t do that without pushing the boundaries.

“They really learn from us and they imitate our behavior, and I’m sure he’s been stifled a lot of times. They really learn from our behavior.

But a few Twitter Commenters poked fun at Middleton and his lack of control over his son. One user wrote: “True, but a well-behaved child would never try to shut down a parent like that. Adults are the only ones to blame, the child does what they allow him to do.

The couple are said to have taken a more modern, hands-on approach to parenting, one that goes against the traditional, more regimented style of child-rearing favored by many royals. Instead of hiring a team of employees who take care of the children, they have only one nanny.

In 2020, sources said The sun that Kate and William have a “chatting couch” for their children when they misbehave. They don’t yell at the children, but rather pull them out of the situation – which could have been difficult in this scenario dictated by pomp and circumstance.

Soulé, who has three children under the age of eight, said the short clip made the family more endearing and accessible.

“It’s so relatable, especially coming from a family where everything is always so complicated,” she said. “I think that fits with what we already know.

“No matter how much we plan and think things will go a certain way, children’s behavior is unpredictable. They react to the environment around them.

“It’s been a long week. Of course, it won’t be perfect,” Soulé said, adding that most parents would have simply given their unruly children an iPad to occupy them, which would have sparked an even bigger firestorm.

Sunday’s video was the culmination of events to honor the Queen’s 70 years on the throne and an exclamation mark on Louis’ scene-stealing faces which produced a deluge of memes. But Soulé said it was not an indictment of the Cambridges’ parenthood.

“Being a parent of a (child) is a roller coaster. All the moms have been there with their kids falling apart at Target,” she said. “But it’s hard, especially with Kate knowing the whole world is watching her, judging her in the moment.”

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