Luxury Hotel Rort of Bikini Model

A bikini model from Sydney will wait to find out her fate after using another woman’s credit card to stay at a luxury hotel.

A A bikini-clad model who falsely accused a tuktuk driver of raping her in Thailand and was caught fraudulently staying at a Sydney luxury hotel will wait to hear her fate as her lawyer cannot get in touch with she.

Stevie Bamford, the daughter of former rugby league international Peter Tunks, failed to appear at Downing Center Local Court in Sydney, where she was due to be sentenced on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to a fraud charge in April and has since been admitted to a mental health facility.

She was due to be sentenced in May, but her former lawyer withdrew from the case.

However, her new lawyer told the court on Tuesday that she had not been in contact with Bamford in weeks.

“She is in a mental health facility, she was released on May 21,” the attorney told the court.

“When I tried to contact her, her phone numbers are disconnected. I can only get in touch with her by mail.

The attorney told the court that Bamford was in the process of getting a new phone number.

She will be sentenced later this month.

According to court documents, the Maroubra woman was charged in September after paying to stay at the Hilton on George St in Sydney using another woman’s credit card.

She arrived at the hotel on the evening of September 13 after making an online reservation under the name “Teee Parkinson” for three days and using another woman’s credit card to pay the $1,544 bill.

Bamford stayed one night, used the hotel’s facilities and showed several people around the room for “several durations”, court documents revealed.

On the afternoon of September 14, the owner of the credit card informed the hotel manager that the payment was fraudulent and that she had not authorized the transaction.

Hotel staff returned the money to the credit card owner and the hotel tried to get payment from Bamford, but she was unable to pay.

According to court documents, staff called police who asked how Bamford had paid for the room.

She claimed an acquaintance had booked the room but was unable to use it and offered it to Bamford.

The 30-year-old could not explain to police why her “acquaintance” could offer her a free stay at a luxury hotel, according to court documents.

Bamford was arrested and charged with fraud.

The court has already heard that Bamford breached a community correction order at the time of the offense after pleading guilty to aggravated dwelling entry and robbery at an Eastlakes property last year.

In March 2021, Bamford admitted to entering a unit in Eastlakes with two men and a woman in 2020, stealing up to $600 in merchandise, including a silver watch, a water pipe and a CCTV camera.

Court documents revealed she had been charged nine times in NSW since 2011.

She was caught driving with ice and cocaine in her system, assaulting a police officer, breaching her bail conditions and having a driver’s license in her possession Fly.

Bamford made international headlines aged 21 after she falsely claimed to have been raped by a Thai tuktuk driver in Patong on her way home from a night out with her boyfriend.

She claimed the driver took her to a secluded location and raped her while two men restrained her.

The model admitted lying to police because she didn’t want her boyfriend to be mad at her for coming home late and was found guilty in Phuket Provincial Court of making the false statement .

Bamford was allowed to complete her vacation before spending 15 days in Baan Bang Jo detention centre.

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