10 Neighbors spoilers for next week

Neighbors spoilers follow.

Coming on Neighbors, a big week ago as tragedy strikes Ramsay Street. Be warned, major spoilers hit you right off the bat this week.

Here are 10 Neighbors spoilers to wait for next week.

1. Hendrix dies after surgery

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Hendrix’s friends and family wait in hospital while he undergoes surgery early next week, but things quickly take a tragic turn for the worse.

At first, the news seems positive as Hendrix comes out of surgery and seems to be doing well. For Mackenzie and the others, it’s a huge relief, but they barely get a chance to be happy before things take a dark turn.

With only hours to live, Hendrix knows he must say goodbye to everyone one last time while he still has the chance.

2. Ramsay Street reeling from tragic events

mackenzie hargreaves at the neighbors

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Hendrix’s death proves to be a hard pill for the entire community to swallow, and grief is felt across Ramsay Street. A bewildered Mackenzie leans on Harlow for support, while Kiri is on hand to help a broken Chloe, who is struggling to cope.

Zara, meanwhile, discovers that Hendrix had pre-recorded a video for her loved ones in case things go wrong. It looks like, in a similar move to Stingray Timmins before him, his friends and family will get a chance to see him one last time.

3. Melanie helps Toadie work through her grief

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Everyone has a hard time processing the news about Hendrix, and things are no different with the Rebecchis.

One person who turns out to be the source of comfort they all need is Melanie, and Toadie is overwhelmed by how she manages to be there for all of them.

When Toadie spots Mel caring for an upset Nell, he realizes how lucky he is to have her in his life – and this leads him to ask Mel a very surprising question.

4. Mackenzie faces a tough choice

georgie stone as mackenzie hargreaves in neighbors

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Of all those on Ramsay Street, Mackenzie is having the hardest time. Losing her new husband is as cruel a blow as anyone can take, and the grieving widow is faced with an impossible choice in the wake of his death.

There are two memorials planned to honor Hendrix, one in Erinsborough and one in Sydney, and Mac is desperate for both to be the perfect tribute. But when she discovers that they are scheduled for the same day, she is faced with having to choose which one to attend. What will Mackenzie do?

5. Melanie considers Toadie’s proposal

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson at the neighbors

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We may already be two weddings away for the last year of Neighborsbut we could be about to have our third.

Melanie is stunned when Toadie proposes, and although he’s adamant that he wants to marry her, she’s unsure and fears he’s only acting on heightened emotions after what happened to Hendrix.

Touched by his gesture, Mélanie suggests that instead of getting married, they move in together. How will Toadie react, and is there still a chance the couple will walk down the aisle before the show ends?

6. Estelle finds leverage on Glen

estelle petrides at the neighbors

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Is she We may have been told to leave Ramsay Street after her last blast with Terese, but we soon learn she didn’t go far. Playing the sympathy card, she manages to persuade Glen to take her to the vineyard, but Glen will very quickly regret having made this decision.

Along with Estelle, a person known to resort to underhanded methods, she quickly finds leverage on Glen and wastes no time blackmailing him – but it should backfire on both of them.

7. Harlow is determined to catch Corey

jemma donovan as harlow robinson in neighbors

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The villainous Corey has been able to avoid the police for now, but Harlow knows he’s still watching her – and she has a plan to find him.

Knowing that Corey has installed spyware on her phone, Harlow thinks she has the perfect way to lure him into a trap.

Andrew doesn’t like the plan and does everything he can to talk Harlow out of it, but she’s determined to bring Corey to justice and calls a meeting.

When Corey changes the time and location at the last minute, she’s forced to think again. But Harlow has no idea anyone else is about to be endangered.

8. Terese faces more betrayal

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Glen has no choice but to give in to Estelle’s demands and does exactly what she asks while trying to convince Terese to give him another chance. Glen’s words do the trick and Terese agrees to try to work things out with her.

Briefly, however, the pair take positive steps towards a reconciliation – which leaves Glen feeling guiltier than ever. Knowing he has to confess what happened, he decides Terese should hear the truth – but it blows up in his face.

9. Sadie and Zara are in danger

sadie rodwell at the neighbors

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While everyone is upset over Hendrix’s death, Sadie is especially upset about it as it was her actions that caused her to need the transplant in the first place. Wanting to do some good, she learns that Harlow is trying to find Corey and forces Zara to go into the bush to find him themselves.

This soon turns out to be another stupid mistake on the couple’s part, because even if they find Corey, they have no idea how much danger they both are now in.

10. Will Terese forgive Glen?

rebekah elmaloglou as terese willis in neighbors

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Now that Terese knows what happened between Glen and Estelle, and the information she had about him, she must deal with the pain of being double-crossed again.

Glen is ashamed of his actions and blames himself for having relapsed, but can he convince Terese to forgive him, or is their relationship doomed?

As for Estelle, she realizes that she has finally pushed her daughter too far when Terese offers to pay her to leave permanently. Will Estelle take the money and run away?

Neighbors airs weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Channel 5 and airs on My5. In Australia, the show airs Monday to Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on 10 Peach and streams on 10 Play.

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