Brendan Maclean: 10 funniest things I’ve ever seen (on the internet)

Ffrom my humble beginnings playing ukulele twee covers on Youtubeuntil i pooped for the art in my house of air music video, the world wide web (sometimes shortened to ‘www’) was a tool to get around the front door of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA so i could sell my music to homosexuals.

It’s a full-time job pretending to be interesting, but luckily the net (not to be confused with the 1995 movie starring Sandra Bullock) has a way of making some really funny sketches, tweets and videos that reach me, the protagonist of everything.

1. @vinn_nayy: a pigeon at Pride

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Starting with something gay for Pride month (technically it’s not Pride month in Australia, but whatever gets clicks), here’s a sucker at Pride.

2. Funny or Die: Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Profile

I love Lindsay Lohan and I think this sketch shows that she knows all the lame jokes you could have made about her. I remember that feeling being such a classy “fuck you” when it came out. Kill.

3. The Mr Weebl Magical Trevor Song

This song is the reason I got into music. So here it is on a loop for 10 hours, because it was designed to be heard.

4. The Gay & Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo: “Sometimes the most expensive things are the worst”

Brian Jordan Alvarez sets up the iconic Freckle (Jason Greene) for one of the most powerful phrases ever uttered online. The entire sketch is all killer, no filler, and includes a cameo from Fire Island writer Joel Kim Booster. Hot!

5. Baited: Ziwe interviews Caroline Calloway

I could put the entire Ziwe series here, but since we’re at Onlineland, let’s get back to his groundbreaking series, Baited. This marked the revival of squeaky comedy; Caroline Calloway finally receives a real-time text from her manager, who begs her to end the interview.

6. No to feminism

i don’t need a movie because women don’t know anything about cars this morning i tried to break into a potato and drive it to work

— Women Against Feminism (@NoToFeminism) August 30, 2014

Created by TV and Twitter Writing Lesbian Bec Shaw, the @NoToFeminism Twitter account has put together some of the silliest word combinations I’ve ever read on a daily basis. But no matter how absurd some of these tweets were, they would still appeal to a conservative audience that somehow honestly believed it was true. Even when it came to women driving potatoes to work.

7. Cole Escola: Boring family banter at Christmas

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Escola is my favorite comedian of our generation, no questions. I now see much of their work in mainstream stand-up and likely helped pave the way for oddball RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Willow Pill’s rise to online fame. Escola balances silliness, improvisation, and terrifyingly precise impressions for maximum effect. It’s not their best-known skit, but it perfectly encapsulates Escola’s unique ability to pick up the beats of mundane conversation and take your breath away.

8. Demi Adejuyigbe: Lana Del Rey’s love song to Stuart Little

Originally tweeted as an April Fool’s Day joke by TV writer Demi Adejuyigbe, City Mouse is an “ultra rare” track from Lana Del Rey dedicated to the titular mouse. The musical, especially the songs with a twisted ending, can certainly be forgotten after opening the gag – but the vocals and music have been given such care and attention, and the nods to the actual music of Lana’s are so well done, that I keep coming back to this one.

9. Vine!

The vine was like ICT Tac, but not as many adults self-diagnose as autistic. It was very fun. Here are three Vines that I count as an entry:

A. fre sha vocad o

B. “And they were roommates”

C. Microwave Dance

10. Lee Lin Chin: “Who is this beautiful…”

And ending with the only blooper of good news reporters, by mother Lee Lin Chin.

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