Major feud ignited as fans demand Tim Dormer be ‘cancelled’ over Estelle’s tweet

The claws come out between two Big brother roommates, Tim Dormer and Estelle Landy, as things heat up in the competition.

The two slammed each other on Twitter, with Tim calling Estelle “Big Brother’s Amber Heard.”

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The former Big Brother contestants – now out of the house, given that filming has wrapped – provided regular commentary via social media on what viewers are now seeing on their TV screens.

Tim’s “Amber Heard” comment was in response to a tweet from Estelle, who said “context” was needed for her actions in the house.

Estelle was referring to the episode that aired Monday night, in which she openly campaigned for Drew to leave the house.

Tim argues with Estelle. Credit: Seven

“For context. You haven’t seen what happened between Drew and me for weeks. We didn’t get along because I feel like he was especially mean to Lulu,” she began.

“Tully and I also got it regularly from Drew and Tim if they needed a punching bag.

“I didn’t just ‘have it for Drew’. Once he realized he was upsetting Lulu, they talked about it…it evolved, it was nice.

“But when you have a game where you love everyone, it’s easier for players at heart like me to make game decisions based on things like that. I’m loyal.”

Estelle during Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother. Credit: Seven

Tim retweeted this comment and wrote, “You are Amber Heard from Big Brother. Cancel and go!

As fans began to shout Tim’s comment, the 2013 winner backed him up, saying Estelle’s “punching bag” comment “didn’t happen”.

A fan’s comment read: “What the..? Was Tim hacked or what? Because it’s NOT OK. I’m sorry Estelle you don’t deserve this. “

Tim replied: “Not hacked. Calling her continued creation of false narratives in Drew and I. Not cool as she alludes to Big Brother failing us to use her as our ‘punching bags’. is not produced.

Tim Dormer’s tweet. Credit: Twitter

Other comments from unimpressed fans included: “You’re the one being canceled now Tim… Delete this tweet and apologize mate”.

Estelle later responded to Tim’s comment, “Wow Tim. Just wow”.

Tim deleted the comment but continues to tweet about the show.

On Wednesday, Estelle tweeted that she “appreciates all the support” and “chooses peace.”

Tim defends his comment. Credit: Twitter

Tully defends his decision

These episodes were not only important for Tim and Estelle, but also for Tully, who made a strategic decision by voting to have her longtime friend and ex-boyfriend Drew kicked out.

Tully released a lengthy statement, explaining that this is the “last thing” she will say about the episode.

“Big Brother is supposed to be a fun experience – and it was 90% of the time – but I was definitely challenged,” she began.

“I was on my toes from the moment I walked into the house, alone and late.”

Tully cries as she bids farewell to Drew. Credit: Seven

Tully said on Wednesday night’s episode she was torn between her head and her heart.

“I came in with the intent to prove myself, to do something on my own, but I also had to be true to my values ​​and my integrity…I still cared about what happened to Drew, as a friend of nine years.

“Making the decision to vote for him was difficult because it seemed counter-intuitive.

“I want the best for him, always… but I also wanted him gone so I could finally stand on my feet, play my own game without having to do him a favor or worry about his position.

“Just because people don’t understand doesn’t change who I am.”

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