To favor Microsoft VS Code, Microsoft’s GitHub kills GitHub’s Atom editor

Coder, coder in the room, who is the best editor of all!

Sorry for the really cheesy opening line. I couldn’t help but write this. Just as we couldn’t prevent the certain demise of the most beloved open-source code editor of the past decade, Atom.

A Brief History of Atom

Atom, released in 2014 by the then independent team at Git Hub, was a huge hit among programmers.

Its neat user interface, features and numerous add-ons have made it a favorite of developers.

It continued its popular run despite fierce competition from Microsoft’s recently open-source VS code editor.

Atom’s loyal fanbase didn’t budge despite the growing popularity of VS Code until Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018.

People have started wondering how long Microsoft will continue to develop two similar projects that don’t directly earn it any money.

Over the past four years, it seemed like Atom was losing his charm. It didn’t have any significant feature development while VS Code got more appealing as features came in each release.

The writing was on the wall. Microsoft-branded VS Code was preferred over Atom.

Although I don’t have any stats to back up my claim, it seems that Atom’s user base has been shrinking over the past two years. VS Code is like the default editor for young developers.

It was high time for Microsoft to unplug Atom and it finally did.

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