Apple presented on Monday macOS Ventura, the latest version of the operating system that runs on Mac. Slated for release this fall, ‌macOS Ventura‌ is currently available to developers, so we thought we’d dive deep to show MacRumors drives all the new features that are in the update.

Our latest YouTube video highlights Stage Manager, FaceTime Handoff, Continuity Camera, and more, with a full list of what’s covered in the video available below.

  • Mail – Mail offers smart search suggestions more relevant to what you’re looking for, and there are options to unsend an email, schedule an email, receive a reminder to reply to an email, and follow a message that you send that does not receive a response. Mail supports rich links and can warn you if you forget to add an attachment.
  • Projector – Spotlight now supports previewing files with Quick Look (just press the spacebar) and includes rich results for contacts, actors, musicians, movies, TV shows, sports, etc. . You can also use Spotlight to search for text in images and search images by location, scenes, and image content. Spotlight can also perform tasks such as setting an alarm, activating a focus, or running a shortcut.
  • Access keys – Apple aims to replace passwords with Passkeys, a next-generation authentication technology. Passkeys use a two-key system, with one key stored on the device and authenticated via Face ID and Touch ID. You’ll have one password per login, and passwords will sync across all your devices and be accessible on non-Apple devices as well. Access keys are nearly impossible to phish or steal, preventing unwanted access to online accounts.
  • Shared tab groups – Safari tab groups can now be shared with friends or family members, so you can bookmark sites collaboratively to plan trips, work on projects, and more. Everyone has access to added tabs and tab groups are updated instantly for all participants.
  • Manager – Stage Manager is a new multitasking feature that organizes your apps and windows into a single view so you can stay focused on your main app while quickly switching between apps as needed.
  • FaceTime transfer – Handoff supports ‌FaceTime‌, so you can start a ‌FaceTime‌ call on iPhone and transfer it to the Mac, and vice versa.
  • Continuity Camera – With Continuity Camera, an ‌iPhone‌ can be used as a webcam for a Mac. It works seamlessly and offers cool features like special lighting and desktop view so you can show off what you’re doing on your desktop. It also supports Center Stage to keep you in frame as you move around the room.
  • Redesigned system settings – System Preferences is now System Settings, and the design is more similar to the iOS Settings app. There’s a sidebar that lists all the available settings so it’s easier to get to what you need without switching between preferences.
  • Clock and Weather apps – Apple introduced iOS Clock and Weather apps on Mac for the first time. The applications are identical to what is available on the ‌iPhone‌ and the iPad.

‌macOS Ventura‌ is currently restricted to developers, but Apple plans to release a public beta in July. The operating system will see a public launch this fall.

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