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‘I’ll never see my money again’: Workers lose thousands of wages after grocery delivery company goes bankrupt

Hugo was “shocked” when he found out his employer, grocery delivery company Send, had gone into voluntary administration in early May.

This shock quickly turned to anger when he discovered, after seeking legal advice, that he would not be able to recover more than $10,000 in wages and benefits owed to him.

“I will never see my money again,” said Hugo, who declined to use his last name for fear it would impact future visa or residency applications.

As a Send store manager, Hugo had a full-time contract and paid taxes, but as a temporary visa holder, he is not eligible to make a claim through a government program. federal.

This scheme – the Fair Rights Guarantee (FEG) – can cover certain unpaid employment rights for eligible employees who lose their jobs due to the liquidation or bankruptcy of the employer.

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