10 Highlights from Devolver Digital Developer Day and Events

Shortly after the launch event of Summer game party on June 9, the Not-E3 summer vacation continued with the Developers Day 2022 and Devolver Digital Direct 2022 presentations. Day of the Devs, which aired live immediately after the event hosted by Jeff Cayley, celebrated its 10th anniversary by showcasing even more great indie games.

At 6:00 PM EDT on the official twitchgaming channel and the official Devolver channels, Devolver Digital held its unique annual conference. As usual with Devolver presentations, they were filled with hilarious jokes in which Devolver execs (and guest star Suda51) accidentally shattered the fabric of the universe and announced projects like Anger Foot in the meantime.

Choo-Choo Charles — A Unique Horror Experience

Choo Choo Charles, likely inspired by many Thomas the Steam Engine memes, is an upcoming horror game with an open world, slated for release later this year. On the island where the player lives, there is a terrifying monster that looks like a train, known to locals as “Charles”, who likes to eat people. Using the old yellow train, the player has to explore the island, complete missions and find the necessary debris that can turn the train into an unstoppable killing machine capable of killing the beast.

But while exploring the area, the player should be careful because a scary spider-like monster may be just around the corner. During the Day of the Devs live stream, the developer commented on some gameplay footage showing that this game is actually terrible, despite the absurd premise.

While Triple-A games have only recently started adding more female protagonists, indie games have had great representation from minority groups in recent years, including many wonderful LGBTQ+ protagonists. Ustwo Games, developers of the award-winning puzzle series Monument Valley, continues this positive development by releasing a new turn-based tactical bagel Desta: The Memories Between, which stars the titular non-binary protagonist Desta.

According to a short presentation during Day of the Devs, the game centers on a 20-year-old Deste who struggles with the loss of his father. While exploring his dream world, Desta encounters their past, their fears and their anxieties. As with Supergiant’s Pyre, the game, which does not yet have a release date, combines sports gameplay with emotional storytelling.

Time Flies – a cute game about death

Created by Michael Frey, who has created other monochrome games such as Plug & Play and Kids, Time Flies is an upcoming monochrome death adventure game slated for release in 2023. In this game, players control a fly in a human house. When a little insect buzzes and interacts with the environment, it can perform various silly tasks from its to-do list.

But the fly does not have long to live, and the number of seconds is determined by the average life expectancy in real countries. During the Day of the Devs presentation, Frey talked about this latest art project.

An animal well is an artistic achievement

Although many indie pixel graphics games have been released in recent years, most of them just try to imitate the old pixel graphics games in order to return to the nostalgic style. This year on Developer Day, one-off developer Billy Basso instead wanted to use modern technology to take pixel graphics to a new level in the upcoming metroidvaniya Animal Well, whose release date is still unknown.

In Animal Well, players explore a dark maze filled with puzzles, upgrades, and strange creatures. Since modern computers have more powerful visual and computational capabilities, the game will have dynamic lighting and other features that would not be available in retro games, which will lead to exquisite visual enjoyment for the eyes.

Bear And Breakfast — relaxing management simulator

Bear and Breakfast, slated for release on July 28, is an upcoming unique management simulator in which the player controls a bear named Hank. When Hank and his friends come across an abandoned cabin in the woods, they decide to open a new hotel there. Players will be able to design every detail of their new business with all kinds of furniture, flooring, decorations and more. They’ll also serve guests and even cook food, and there are plenty of interesting characters to meet.

But the woods also hide dark secrets that Hank will uncover as the company grows. Along with this, another interesting management simulator announced during the Day of the Devs presentation is the farming simulator Stone Age Roots of Pasha, which will be released this year.

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