The best RPGs of 2022: the most anticipated RPG games

It’s hard to define what an RPG is these days, but no matter what you love about an RPG, there are plenty of titles coming in 2022 to hype.

Defining an RPG in 2022 is no small feat. As games have evolved to become more expansive than ever, elements from all sorts of other genres have seeped in, muddying the waters of what defines an RPG in the first place.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it means that despite so many RPGs being released in a single year, they all feel different and interesting.

What separates a good RPG from a great one is the depth of the overall experience. XP, skill trees, and weapon upgrades are great, but something has to push the envelope to separate a game from the pack. It could be an exceptional story, a huge world or even just a unique atmosphere.

No matter what you love about an RPG, there are still plenty of games coming in 2022 to get you excited.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Switch, June 24)

After Fire Emblem: Three Houses became the best-selling game in the series’ history, it’s no surprise that the upcoming Warriors spin-off will focus on this world. Rather than being a direct sequel, Three Hopes gives an alternate timeline of the Three Houses story. The main difference we know is that a new protagonist, Shez, joins the monastery, and Byleth is now a villain of some description. There are still so many mysteries to solve and new anime haircuts to discover.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch, July 29)

Speaking of anime haircuts, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 shocked the world not only by being announced in February, but by being brought forward two months from its original September release date. Xenoblade games are known for their long and in-depth stories, and the third installment promises to combine the worlds of the first two games, with characters returning from both. Long-time fans of the series are in for a jaw-dropping experience, but even new players will have plenty to enjoy.

Forspoken (PS5/PC, October 11)

What if an ordinary modern person fell into a fantasy world and had magical powers? It’s a scenario we’ve all placed ourselves in at some point in our lives, and Forspoken might finally let us experience it through Frey’s eyes. Forspoken promises fast-paced action based entirely on magical abilities, something no other fantasy game has ever achieved. Spells often end up secondary to swords, but this is perhaps the first game of this scale to finally focus entirely on the mystic arts.

Gotham Knights (PS5/Xbox/PC, October 25)

The successor to the Arkham games, Gotham Knights takes the focus away from Batman and gives us more heroes to play with. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood all have their own special abilities as they fight through a tumultuous time in Gotham City. This game can be played entirely solo or co-op, meaning you can have fun beating Gotham’s worst and darkest with friends.

Hogwarts Legacy (TBC 2022)

Hogwarts Legacy is the game Harry Potter fans have been looking for for years. Some of the movie related games allow you to explore Hogwarts, but none of them were that good and they were limited by the events of the books/movies. Hogwarts Legacy has no such restrictions, taking place before the events of the main series, finally giving players the Hogwarts open-world RPG they’ve been craving.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (TBC 2022)

The third mainline Pokemon game in just 12 months, the hype is already well underway for Gen 9 with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. After Pokemon Legends: Arceus shed new light on the Pokemon formula, fans are eagerly awaiting how this new style will be incorporated into the “standard” gameplay experience. Other than that, a new generation is always an exciting time for fans as it means a new region to explore, new mechanics to discover, and new Pokemon to catch. The starters have already been revealed, and it’s been one of the best overall rosters in a while, so hopes are high for what’s next.

— written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF

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