The Macallan’s Artful New Single Malt Whisky Is One For The Ages

The Macallan’s Artful New Single Malt Whiskey is one for the ages

It was only last year that the whiskey world saw The Macallan lift the curtain on the Anecdotes of Ages themed collection, a sharp and fascinating fusion of art and whiskey crafted in collaboration with legendary British pop artist Sir Peter Blake. Considering this is the artist’s third time working with The Macallan in as many decades, the collection is meant as a sort of celebration of both the legacy of this historic Craigellachie distillery and of Sir Peter Blake, who has been highly revered since he designed the cover for the Beatles’ 1967 album sergeant. peppers
Lonely Hearts Club Band
in his distinctive collage style.

Consisting of 13 unique bottles and an exquisite 1967 single malt whiskey that has matured for over 50 years, the Macallan Anecdotes of Ages collection was, upon release, an instant and unequivocal hit with consumers and collectors alike. And while that should come as no surprise, given that bottles of The Macallan are known for breaking whiskey auction records, it was always interesting to see one of the original 13 bottles, the “Anecdotes Collection of Ages: A New Era of Publicity,” fetched a final price of $437,500 when it sold at Sotheby’s New York in March 2021.

With proceeds intended to support the Guggenheim Museum’s diversity, equity, access and inclusion initiatives, the sale deepened The Macallan’s connection to the art world, a connection that has already solidified with each bottle featuring a different Sir Peter Blake collage.

“Each collage in the Anecdotes of Ages collection is inspired by the history and legacy of The Macallan, which respects time and craftsmanship, two essential elements of my own creative process,” said Sir Peter Blake.

“I meticulously worked on each collage, drawing inspiration from the rich history of the Macallan estate to complete a collection that celebrates art and whisky.”

The Macallan's Artful New Single Malt Whiskey is one for the ages

As you would expect from a whiskey over 50 years old, the exceptional single malt inside these bottles was chosen for its classic, distinctly colored character, built with notes of oak and fig that flow back on the palate to burst with sweet, mellow flavors. of hazelnut, strawberry, chocolate and slightly spicy peach. Wrapping it all up with an equally colorful collage from such a renowned artist only solidifies this collection as one of The Macallan’s most playful in years. And that’s from a label that recently released the ultimate fusion of chocolate and whiskey.

The 13 original bottles in The Macallan Anecdotes of Ages collection are, of course, treated as a special occasion perfectly worthy of their rarity. The mouth-blown bottles come with an oak cork and label signed by Sir Peter Blake himself, presented in a handcrafted European oak case and covered with miniature photographs chronicling the long and storied journey of the artist with The Macallan. A leather-bound book is also included with each original bottle, featuring the 13 label illustrations and stories that go with these collages, along with a certificate of authenticity.

And while not everyone will be able to get their hands on one of these coveted bottles, The Macallan has brought a sense of accessibility to the collection. While the Macallan Archives will retain the original 13th bottle, the label has only released 322 bottles of the same rare 1967 whiskey, spread around the world as The Anecdotes of Ages Collection: Down to Work Limited Edition.

The Macallan's Artful New Single Malt Whiskey is one for the ages

Yes, still rare. But these 322 bottles are still much more accessible to the average whiskey lover than the original 13 bottles. And to make the outing even sweeter, The Macallan has now brought Aussies another special single malt commemorating Sir Peter Blake’s visit to the Macallan Estate on the legendary River Spey.

Entitled The Macallan “Sir Peter Blake: An Estate, A Community and A Distillery”, this new single malt whiskey pays tribute to the important partnership and is presented in a personalized box inspired by the art of Sir Peter Blake, alongside a ‘a certificate describing the history and heritage on which the art was based, and the work of Sir Peter Blake printed on a scroll.

Described as cinnamon in color with a nose rich in dried fruit and hints of orange and clove, An Estate, A Community and A Distillery is an appropriate and delicious way to celebrate the crossroads of art and whiskey. . The palate, full of dried fruit, cracked black pepper and accents of vanilla and orange oil, ends in a long, lingering burst of oak with cinnamon and cocoa.

The Macallan's Artful New Single Malt Whiskey is one for the ages

The Australian release of An Estate, A Community and A Distillery was commemorated with a digital exhibitionwelcoming the public to Sir Peter Blake’s studio for those who want to dive deeper into this release.

Sir Peter Blake: Estate, Community and Distillery are now available at select independent retailers and locations across Australia for an RRP of $1,600.

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