Best Career Ending: How to Save Everyone

The Quarry has a wide cast of more or less likable characters, and it’s your job to save them all from their grizzly fate.

Much like Until Dawn Before Him, The Quarry’s main goal is to get everyone home safely. It’s no easy task, however, as these teenagers seem to be crying out for death from the get-go, so you’ll need to pay close attention to each one to save them from their terrible fate. This is a horror game, so some casualties are inevitable, but the nine main cast members can all survive, you just need to be aware of the key moments in which they can perish.

This guide is going to be filled to the brim with spoilers, but if you want some spoiler-free tips, then keep these things in mind as you play:

• Do not press every interrupt.

• Don’t worry about every little detail.

• Do the QTEs.

• Gather as much evidence as possible.

Ultimately, this is a classic horror storyline, as long as you use common sense and don’t fall into the usual horror tropes, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


If Jacob gets tangled in the water while getting the hood, choose to untangle it instead of just pulling the thread.

When the hunter approaches Jacob in Chapter 3, don’t distract him, his actions will keep Jacob alive later.

When Ryan has the gun, don’t shoot the rustling bushes, Jacob’s in there.


Unfortunately, Nick becoming a werewolf is inevitable, however, you can still keep him alive. The only detail you need to worry about here is not letting Laura shoot the werewolf when you have the chance as Ryan.


In Chapter 3, be sure to do the QTE to scare Abi away, and when Nick first turns into a werewolf, have Abi shoot him. The shot won’t kill Nick, and if you don’t shoot, it will be with Abi’s head.

At the end of the game, go up the hatch. It will make sense when you get there. To promise.


Ryan has plenty of opportunities to die, but thankfully none of them come around until very late in the game.

In Chapter 9, he will get stabbed and you will have to do some QTEs with the knife. Then, when given the choice, hide in the closet, not under the bed.

As a bonus, when Bobby tried to get his knife back, leave him, and he’ll survive too.

Then you have to let Laura bite you. Trust us. Then, when things start to go awry with the Hacketts, shoot Chris.

In the finale, you must complete all QTEs to avoid a gruesome death.


Emma needs the right tools to survive. Against your better judgment, grab the fireworks when she picks them up near the start, and when you’re on the island, inspect the bags to get the taser before progressing through the hatch.

Other than that, just hit her QTEs and she’ll be fine. You must, however, use its items when prompted.


While Laura is in flashbacks, she is immune to death, but this will change later.

First of all, don’t shoot Travis whatever you do. However, shoot Chris when playing as Ryan, he must be dead for Laura to survive.

After that, it’s just a battle between you and those pesky QTEs to keep him safe.


You don’t have to worry too much about Max, most bad things that happen to him are fixed. Whatever you do, don’t let Max leave the island and he’ll be fine.


Despite what you might think, cutting off Dylan’s hand makes no difference, so might as well have fun.

QTEs are once again key to Dylan’s survival, especially in the heist with Kaitlyn. You can distract the werewolf with loud noises, and whether he escapes or transforms, he will eventually be saved.


Back at the scrapyard where Kaitlyn stares death in the face, all you have to do is keep Dylan alive, and you’ll never guess what that entails. unless you guessed the QTEs.

For the final sequence in the dressing room, there are a few steps. First, escape through the beam. Then collect the shells and give the two barrels to Caleb. You can also trap Caleb in the freezer with Dylan’s help, but that requires much riskier QTEs, and Caleb will still die.

And that’s all! Congratulations, just for this once, everyone lives. Of course, if you were the sadistic type, you could follow the reverse of these instructions to make sure everyone dies… but you haven’t heard that from us.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GL HF.

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