Urgent warning: ALDI buyers beware of new cheap TV scam

ALDI shoppers have been warned of a ‘convincing’ new supermarket scam targeting vulnerable social media users.

A fake Facebook post is currently circulating telling consumers they can get a free LG TV by following a few simple steps.

The post includes photos showing crates of big screen TVs in a warehouse, as well as ALDI employees standing outside a store.

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He further claims that the televisions were damaged during delivery, which prompted the giveaway – a claim that is not true.

“Hundreds of Aldi TVs broke slightly on their way to our warehouse. All of these TVs are still fully functional but may have minor dents or scratches,” the scam post reads.

“Rather than throw it away, we decided to give it to people who shared and commented before June 15. We have four pallets and the shipment will arrive the next day.”

This fake Facebook post has been circulating for a few days. Credit: Facebook

Since it was posted on Facebook, it seems thousands of people have fallen for the scam.

The post attracted over 7,000 comments and shares, with over 2,000 people pleading with the fake Facebook page to give them free TV.

“My mum would love one as she is retired,” one wrote.

Another said: “What a wonderful thing ALDI is doing. Very thoughtful in this terrible time when everything is getting so expensive and there is no money left to buy ‘luxury items’. Great job, ALDI.

The fraudulent message included this photo of ALDI employees outside a store. Credit: Facebook

Added another: “What a wonderful way to give shoppers special treatment in these difficult times.”

Once a Facebook user comments on the post, the administrators of the fake ALDI page then direct them to a website where they are then asked to submit sensitive and personal information.

While thousands of people have fallen for the scam, others seem more skeptical of the post.

“It’s a scam. Admittedly, it’s a sophisticated and very convincing scam – but it’s still a scam,” said one.

Another added: ‘Companies would send damage in transit back to the manufacturer for a full refund, so why would they lose money selling it cheap?’

The scam is to give away free LG TVs that have been slightly damaged. Credit: Facebook

A third replied: “ALDI sells Bauhn brand TVs, people! And their warehouses don’t look like that – and they use blue or red pallets for their stock.

The ACCC scamwatch says phishing scams — like this fake ALDI message — work by tricking consumers into thinking they’re dealing with a genuine retailer.

“Phishing messages are designed to appear authentic and often copy the format used by the organization the scammer claims to represent, including their branding and logo,” he said.

The bogus post claimed they had pallets of TVs in an ALDI warehouse, ready for donation. Credit: Facebook

“They will take you to a fake website that looks like the real deal, but has a slightly different address. For example, if the legitimate site is ‘www.realbank.com.au’, the scammer might use an address like as “www.realbank.com”.

“If you provide the scammer with your details online or over the phone, they will use them to carry out fraudulent activities, such as using your credit cards and stealing your money.”

Scamwatch encourages consumers to report scams here.

Another photo showing the damaged TVs was included in the post. Credit: Facebook

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