Outrage over KFC’s lettuce move

Customers took to social media to say they were “not happy Jan” after KFC made a controversial change to their burgers.

Customers took to social media to say they were “not happy Jan” after KFC made a controversial change to their burgers.

The iconic fast food chain informed diners earlier this month that their menu items would feature a ‘temporary mix’ of cabbage and lettuce due to The current shortage of lettuce in Australia.

“We’ve hit a bit of an iceberg and are currently experiencing lettuce supply chain disruptions,” they said in an update on their website.

“This means you may see a temporary mix of lettuce and cabbage in KFC restaurants, with the exception of those in NT&SA… We are working with our multiple suppliers to provide them with support, but we expect that the disturbances continue in the coming days.

“Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we appreciate you all being little gems as we work to get things back to normal as soon as possible.”

Regulars at the establishment didn’t fully catch on, though, with one going viral in a ICT Tac showing their half-eaten burger.

The user – whose clip has garnered 15,000 likes and over 500 comments – overlaid a video of Deborah Kennedy’s iconic Yellow Pages ad, shouting “Not happy Jan.”

Dozens of people in the comments echoed the sentiment, writing that “no one likes cabbage.”

“Cabbage is bitter,” one complained, while another wondered, “First the tomato, now the lettuce?! What’s next, cheese? »

A user who identified himself “as a KFC employee” apologized for the mixture of cabbage and lettuce, writing “it’s because of the flooding, we’re sorry :(“.

However, not everyone agreed that the salad change on the burgers was that bad.

“It literally tastes the same,” one commented, another agreeing, “It tastes the same, I’m not complaining.”

Some even went so far as to claim that KFC had tasted better Therefore.

“I rate it, gives a nice crunch instead of the soggy yellow lettuce batter they’ve been using for a few years,” one person commented.

“It tastes better, what are you complaining about,” wrote a second.

While a third also added that he “actually prefers with cabbage, it’s good and crispy”.

Subway, Red Rooster and Oporto have also made the jump, with the last two telling news.com.au last week that due to the nationwide lettuce shortage, they were “temporarily using a mix of lettuce and cabbage in some menu items.”

For now, McDonald’s Australia said it was unaffected by the disaster, saying in a statement it was “working closely with our suppliers to continue to serve our full menu to customers”.

The price of lettuce has skyrocketed in recent months – to $12 for a single head of iceberg in some parts of the country – with Victorian lettuce grower and chairman of the Australian vegetable growers industry body, AUSVEG, Bill Bulmer, telling 3AW that the price increases won’t stop any time soon.

Mr Bulmer said devastating floods in Queensland were the main reason for the shortages, wiping out around 80% of lettuce crops.

“We’ve been pounded by La Nina for the last 12 months,” he told the radio station.

“Australia’s main lettuce growing region at this time of year is outside Brisbane in the Gatton area and it was hit by flooding in February as well as May.

“Normally, you’d probably see $1.50 to $2.50 lettuce in the supermarket right now,” Bulmer added.

The AUSVEG president said he wouldn’t even bother to buy a lettuce from the supermarket at the moment due to the rising prices.

“I’ve heard prices ranging from $10 to $12. It’s a supply and demand issue,” he said.

“There are pockets of lettuce here and there across Australia but, as I said, most of it comes from the Gatton area at this time of year.

“People who want them pay for them.”

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