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Summer Games Fest – Overwatch, MW 2, Riot Games and Esports

Although we haven’t had a traditional E3 yet this year, Summer Games Fest has become a decent replacement for the show. The Show Games Fest saw all the major developers and publishers hold conferences to announce their plans for the coming year.

While big AAA titles got a lot of attention, there was plenty of esports news over the weekend. These are all the important Summer Games Fest announcements from the esports world.

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Riot Games is coming to Game Pass

An unexpected announcement at Summer Games Fest was that Riot Games is bringing its roster of popular esports titles to Game Pass. This is in addition to most of the paid content in these titles as well. Here are the titles that will join the streaming service:

  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Wild Rift League of Legends
  • Legends of Runeterra

New Agent unlocks, Battle Passes, and playable Champions will all be incorporated into these game releases. Essentially, players will get everything the game has to offer, despite the higher normal price to unlock everything. This definitely makes Game Pass a great deal for these, including all playable characters and other bonuses for these games will give Gamespass newcomers a big boost to start a game.

The caveat is that all of these unlocks disappear from your accounts if you stop subscribing. Only content that you manually unlock will remain.

Overwatch 2 at the Summer Games Festival

Overwatch 2 was one of the biggest new releases at Summer Games Fest. Compared to previous trailers, we got perhaps our biggest information dump in the short weekend trailer.

There are new heroes, maps, changes and finally a release date. Overwatch 2 will enter broad early access on October 4. This early access will be for both console and PC. The game will also become free-to-play, moving away from the model used for Overwatch 1.

The trailer revealed a lot about Junker Queen, a new tank coming to the game. There were also glimpses of new looks for a number of heroes. More details on Overwatch 2 will be available on June 16e with an Overwatch 2 reveal event.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 News at Summer Games Fest

The reveal of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been expanded and even more has been showcased at Summer Games Fest 2022. This game could mean big changes for the CoD esports scene. The reveal this time around was largely campaign missions.

Street Fighter 6

Fresh off the Street Fighter 6 reveal, we have some new details about the characters in the game.

The Summer Games Show announcement featured Guile:

Street Fighter 6 is revealing its roster and moves more and more. The game seems like a fun change for the series when it launched. Another major announced difference is that characters receive specific taunts for each match. Taunts have been said to be “targeted,” which will help make interactions between players and characters more unique.

In terms of gameplay and flow, we still have to test and see how the game feels.

Fortnite FNCS Invitational dragged to Summer Games Fest

Part of Epic’s presentation at the Summer Games Show was the reveal of a Fortnite Invitational event taking place this winter. The event was previously announced, but we got a full trailer this time. The tournament will be the in-person invite of the year, finding the best fortnite players of all FNCS played in 2022.


Stormgate rounds out the esports-specific announcements with a game that looks like it has a lot of potential. Blizzard’s RTS games have had a big impact on esports in the past. Stormgate is a spiritual successor to many of these titles, especially Starcraft. Former Blizzard developers have come together to create this RTS strategy game. While many players wonder if starcraft is deada spiritual successor could give something new to deceased players.

These were all the major announcements for esports games at the Summer Games festival, but there were many more titles announced and revealed. The event focused on non-competitive games, but through these headlines we saw a lot of news. From the biggest epsorts titles all hitting Game Pass to the wake of Overwatch going free, it looks like competitive gaming will be more accessible than ever.

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