15 Next Fest Demos That Will Have You Begging For More

15 Next Fest demos that will leave you wanting more

Hope you had a break from the hours of trailers for upcoming games during last week gaming conferences because Steam NextFest is now upon us. This is a week-long event where Steam users can play demos and watch previews of upcoming games, chat with developers, and give feedback on new titles. The demos will only be available during the week of the event, which runs from June 13 to June 20.

Although I may have written about every game demo for Steam Next Fest from last October, Valve has a seemingly endless catalog of demos to explore this time around. Here’s a quick roundup of games that I found intriguing and that you might enjoy at this month’s Steam Next Fest.


artodeveloped by OrionGames, is a picturesque action-RPG in which you fight your way through various environments while facing monstrous creatures and enemies. Between upgrading weapons and honing your skills in art-based combat, you’ll uncover the mystery hidden within artothe colorful world of. arto should be released on December 1st.

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator, developed by Auroch Digital, implies exactly what its name implies: you make your own brewskies, mate. In this relaxing simulation, you’ll customize your own brewery, whip up recipes for your liquid libations, and label and bottle your delicious foam for shipping. If you particularly like one of your recipes, you can share it with your friends via the Steam Workshop.

The little

The little, made by Demagog Studio, the developer behind Wasteland Golfis a post-apocalyptic platform game, or “Limbolike”, as Kotaku staff writer Ari Notis described it. You play as a child who journeys his life through abandoned cityscapes and overgrown forests, fleeing from hostile animals and returning Martian colonists who hunt them down in search of the secret to their immunity to Earth’s harmful climate.

Cursed at golf

Cursed at golf, developed by Chuhai Labs, is a roguelite sports game that tasks you with the unenviable task of returning to the world of the living after escaping a purgatory golf dungeon-like afterlife. While keeping track of rudimentary details like point counts, you’ll also have to overcome otherworldly dangers like spike traps, exploding boxes, and space-bending teleporters.

The fridge is red

The fridge is red, developed by 5WORD Team, is a first-person episodic psychological horror game in which you sit in a chair and try to keep an eye out for the creepy objects and disturbing people occupying the liminal space around you. Be warned: failure to do so can result in a gruesome failure in which your character is eaten alive by a refrigerator, which is almost poetic if you think about it.

goodbye world

goodbye world, developed by YO FUJII, is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that casts you as two aspiring developers named Kanii and Kumade as they navigate the debilitating landscape of game development. Throughout the 13 chapters of their story, you’ll help the duo try to launch their first game while working part-time to fund their passion project and stay afloat. Although goodbye worldThe story of is meta overwhelming, its soft pixelated art style finds a way to be warm and charming. Ganbatte, Kanii and Kumade.

Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Simulator

Kaichu: The Kaiju Dating Simulator, developed by Squiddershins, is a dating sim where you are a kaiju looking for love. You play as a Gigachu, who goes on dates with six other hopelessly romantic kaiju, vocalizing what you seek in a mate while destroying each other on humanity’s most beloved landmarks. Kaichu should land later this summer.

The last time I saw you

The last time I saw you, developed by Maboroshi Artworks, is a coming-of-age love story set in 1980s Japan. You play as a teenager named Ayumi as he wanders the melancholic countryside in search of the mysterious girl he saw in his dreams, who may have also put a curse on his town. You know the gender.

Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger, developed by The Outsiders, is a fast-paced first-person shooter where you play as a half-human, half-demon bent on destroying demons. If that premise doesn’t sound hardcore enough, you’ll slay hordes of demons while listening to a soundtrack featuring songs from metal icons like system of a Downis Serj Tankyan, lamb of godis Randy Blythe, and JinjerThis is Tatiana Shmayluk. Metal: Hellsinger releases September 15.

Lunar Scars

Lunar Scars, developed by Black Mermaid, is a pixel-art metroidvania in which you play as a warrior made of flesh and clay named Gray Irma, who fights her way through the bowels of the earth in search of her creator and the truth behind its existence. Through Lunar ScarIn the side-scrolling, non-linear world of, you’ll face hordes of fearsome generals, corrupt monstrosities, and defector allies who seek your destruction. Lunar Scars should be released later this summer.

Nitro kid

Nitro kid, developed by Wildboy Studios, is a roguelike deck builder in which you are a kung fu master straight out of the 80s. On a grid, your quest is to save kids with special abilities from an evil Miami-based mega corporation, while hitting 30 cool synthwave tracks.

power chord

power chord, developed by Big Blue Bubble, is another deck-building roguelite, this one inspired by genre notables kill the arrow and darkest dungeon. Instead of handing out kung fu action, you’ll be handing out sneaky licks of your guitar as you and a team of musicians take on demonic gangs in a rock ‘n’ roll battle of the bands.

There is no light

There is no lightdeveloped by Zelart, is a dungeon exploration game souls-like action-RPG where you are an abandoned hero who rejects his god and fights hordes of monsters in search of his kidnapped son. There is no light seeks to focus on fast-paced action, stunning pixel art, and Lovecraftian monsters, including the great Cthulhu himself. It’s scheduled for September.


Signalis, developed by rose-engine, is a pixel-art sci-fi horror and survival game inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch and Hideaki Anno. (Imagine this trio on a road trip together…) You play as Elster, an android who awakens from cryostasis in an abandoned spaceship on an off-world planet. Your objective is to help Elster find her lost partner and her “lost dreams” as she battles horrific aliens in the narrow hallways of the derelict spaceship. Signalis releases October 27.

The Spirit and the Mouse

The Spirit and the Mousedeveloped by Alblune, is a puzzle-platformer that puts you in the shoes of a pretty “big-hearted” – and non-Nintendo – electric mouse named Lila, as she tirelessly restores power to the sleepy French town of Sainte-et-Claire.

There you have it, 15 of the over 1,000 demos you can check out during Steam Next Fest. If any of these games have caught your eye, or you’re brave enough to venture further into Valve’s catalog of games, be sure to follow them and wish them to stay updated on their release dates. It’s an easy way for you to find out when these games are coming out and it will help you increase their visibility so that your fellow gamers can also flag games that have caught your eye.

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