xQc Creates a Hilarious Streamer Tier List Rating a Huge List of Popular Streamers, Including Himself

FĂ©lix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a popular Twitch streamer from Canada. He was also a professional Overwatch player until his resignation in 2019. The famous North American internet personality now spends his time on Twitch reacting to videos, playing a variety of games and even chatting with His fans. xQc is currently a streamer for Luminosity Gaming.


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In his latest Twitch highlights, xQc was seen rating a group of Twitch streamers and creating his own tier list. Guess who made it to the top? It’s xQc itself, along with three other popular streamers. He did it for fun, of course, but many fans found it hilarious.


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Now that we have a list of streamer tiers from xQc himself, we can’t help mentioning some streamers and their levels, in his opinion. Looked!

Summit1G (S-level)

Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Russell Lazar is a popular Twitch streamer from the United States and a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. After his professional career ended a few years ago, Summit1G turned to full-time streaming. It streams a variety of games and currently has 6.1 million subscribers on the platform.

Asmongold (S-level)

Zack ‘Asmongold’ is another hugely popular Twitch streamer and prominent YouTuber from the United States. His love for World of Warcraft knows no bounds. Asmongold’s Twitch currently has 3.2 million subscribers, while his YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers.

Tyler1 (S-level)

A toxic on the list, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp is an extremely popular Twitch streamer, primarily known for his specialization in League of Legends. He was previously banned from League of Legends for his toxic behavior.

Ludwig (level A)

Ludwig Ahgren is a popular game streamer on Twitch and YouTube from the United States. Ludwig’s Twitch channel, where he streams a lot of Mario, has already attracted 3.1 million subscribers. On YouTube, he has 3.05 million subscribers.

Sodapoppin (Level A)

Thomas ‘Sodapoppin’ Chance Morris is a popular Twitch streamer who enjoys streaming a variety of video games for his 8.8 million strong family.

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On YouTube, he uploads highlights of his Twitch streams and has 1.1 million subscribers on the platform.

Shroud (Level A)

Michael’Wrap‘ Grzesiek is best known for his professional career in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and his incredibly good gameplay. He has now moved on to full-time streaming and content creation.

Dr. Disrespect (Level A)

Herschel Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect, is undoubtedly one of the most popular game streamers in the world. He currently has 3.97 million subscribers on YouTube. He had previously been banned from Twitch due to a legal dispute.

Pokimane (level B)

Pokimane is considered the most popular female Twitch streamer to date. With over 9.2 million subscribers, Imane Anys boasts a strong presence on the platform. It streams many fan-favorite games like Valorant and Among Us.

Toast in disguise (level B)

Taiwanese-Canadian streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang is a popular personality on Twitch and YouTube. On Twitch he has 2.6 million subscribers and on YouTube he is subscribed over 3.66 million times.

Pink Sparkles (Level C)

Izzy ‘Pink Sparkles’ G is originally from Poland but now resides in California. She is a popular Twitch streamer with 1.1 million followers who love watching her play League of Legends.


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She also presents herself as a fitness enthusiast and a foodie.

Choco Taco (Level D)

Jacob ‘chocoTaco’ Throop is currently a streamer for TSM and is best known for his streams on Apex Legends, Rocket League and PUBG Mobile. He currently has 1.3 million subscribers on Twitch.


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What do you think of the streamers level of xQc? Let us know in the comments!

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