The Quarry Killed One Of My Characters In The Lamest Way And I’m Still Mad About It

Quarry killed one of my characters in the most miserable way and I’m still mad about it

The career killed one of my characters in a really wrong way and honestly i’m still a little annoyed about it

Obviously, we’re heading straight into spoiler territory here, so if you haven’t completed at least part of the game yet, consider this an invitation to bookmark that piece and come back when you do. .

If you read my opinion on The career last week, you’ll know that I really liked the game. In fact, I’ve played it a few more times since I finished my review to see how far I could cut or tangle the story threads by game spider web.

The moment I’m talking about here happened during my first main game and happened near the end of the game. This last of The career involves Dylan and Kaitlyn returning to the Lodge in hopes of setting a trap for the ravenous werewolf on their tail. There is a sequence in the kitchen of the Lodge which is a clear tribute to jurassic park. Dylan and Kaitlyn rushed into the kitchen and hid behind the stainless steel counters. To the direct right of Kaitlyn, The career lit up an open freezer and offered one of her binary options: ask Kaitlyn to rush to the freezer or stay with Dylan.

Taken in obvious reference to one of my favorite movies of all time, I told Kaitlyn to get the freezer. She did, rushing out the door and leaving her friend to fend for himself. She slipped into the freezer, the door closed behind her. She heaved a sigh of relief. In the sudden silence, the click of the freezer door latch sounds like a gunshot. The door is locked.

Oh okayI thought. You baited me with an obvious reference. Now I have to figure out how to save Dylan and get Kaitlyn out of the fridge.

Kaitlyn turned and tried the door. Locked, only opening from the other side. It won’t move. She delivered a single weak pound to the locked freezer door with her fist before stepping back and sighing.

A pop-up message appeared on screen: “Kaitlyn froze to death. Do you want to spend one of your Death Rewinds to save her? »

I could not believe it. I felt cheated. Up to this point, The career barely let me play the role of Kaitlyn, and it certainly hadn’t led me to a dead end before. Every decision I made sent the story in a new direction full of new issues to navigate, so I played the moment with the hope that it would happen again. It was the only time the game put a finger in my face and firmly said, No, that was wrong, and it did it with a character I barely knew.

Regardless of anything else, I also thought Kaitlyn had come to terms with her chilling death a little too easily. And for the freezer to kill her instantly? How powerful is this refrigerator to freeze an adult human female? And why the hell doesn’t this kind of freezer have a safety latch? avoiding exactly this kind of situation? Also, it’s a freezer in a pavilion at a children’s summer camp. Bring the director here, I’m about to lose my mind.

Although I figured I wouldn’t use one on my first playthrough, I felt so caught out that I decided to skip a Death Rewind and revert to the last quicksave. This triggered a specific bug that has plagued the game since launch and reverted the timeline to a sequence involving Abigail at the start of the game. I was aware of this bug before the time came – 2K had reached out during the review period to warn me about it but, in an effort to avoid spoilers, didn’t say in which sequence it happened, only that I should be wary of any endgame choices involving Kaitlyn . In the heat of the moment, lost in the sauce and having fun, I had forgotten to keep this warning in the back of my head. Grumbling, I manually reloaded my most recent quicksave, hoping that would fix the problem. Too late: Backup returned me to when the decision to freeze was made. The sequence replayed and Kaitlyn died a second time.

So she’s just dead and there’s nothing I can do about it, I thought, irritated. I had no choice. If the Death Rewind was out of the question, then Kaitlyn had to die for me to progress.

The moment I chose to seal Kaitlyn’s fate, the werewolf quickly swallowed Dylan whole, revealing Why Kaitlyn couldn’t hope to survive the freezer, and The career evolved. An essential two-for-one stuff up! I love that for me.

Oddly, The career never explored the consequences of Kaitlyn or Dylan dying after the fact. The whole sorry event seemed to happen in a weird narrative impasse. No one mourned them. No one even seemed to know they were dead, or wondered where they had gone. A moment of complete speculation on my part: the sequence seems designed around an expectation that you won’t go into the damn freezer. But if it were true, why would you bait me with the jurassic park reference? When the rest of the game feels like it’s reacting to your decisions and integrating them into its horror-movie logic, an abrupt stalemate feels like a rug pull. It’s rude and a bit unfair.

Will Kaitlyn’s lonely death in ice cream storage be enough to keep me from running The career Again? Does that change my opinion of him? Not really. He’s more of a bugbear than anything. Narrative threads cannot drag on endlessly, in all directions, forever. The responsibility has to stop somewhere. I just wish there was Something to tell me that it could happen. Give me a clue! Plant a seed on the freezer having a bad latch at the start of the story, then let me remember! Maybe, in one of the oldest ways in the game, this conversation happens and I just haven’t seen it, who knows.

In any event, The career is out now. I think it’s one of the best games of the year, one that you should play curled up on a couch with friends if you can. It’s a clever narrative experience that works hard to surprise the player, but sometimes the surprise is a bit crude. If you ignored the previous spoiler warning and read on anyway, can you learn from my mistakes.


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