Redditors 7 Most High Profile Xbox and Bethesda Announcements

Fans have to go another year without the traditional E3, but the recent Xbox + Bethesda Showcase was one of many presentations meant to help fill that void. This presentation was mainly focused on the games that will be released during the next year.

After some exciting reveals, including an extra-long gameplay trailer for Bethesda’s upcoming RPG star field and the announcement that Character ports will finally be available, Redditors discussed what got them most excited for the rest of 2022.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight Silksong Nintendo Indie Direct

2017 hollow knight has firmly established itself as one of best indie games and modern Metroidvanias available, and fans have been patiently awaiting its sequel. song of silk has gone through long periods of silence or near-silence, but developer Team Cherry has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase.

Along with an exciting new gameplay look, it’s also been confirmed to be coming on day one of Game Pass. Editor JesusSandro had somewhat mixed feelings from the preview, but the excitement still got the better of it, and they said “Am I disappointed there’s no release date? Yeah, but after radio silence, this trailer did the whole month for me.”

star field

Key art for Starfield with a collage of characters against a galactic backdrop.

Of course, probably the most anticipated game of the show was Bethesda’s upcoming triple-A action RPG. star field. The publisher/developer got into Xbox, and fans complained about how long it took them to release a title. Despite Bethesda publishes great gamestheir latest missteps mean that star field precisely needs to regain some goodwill.

There are still some caveats, but fans still find signs of encouragement in the latest 15-minute gameplay reveal. Editor uglyugly_ enjoyed some of the gameplay improvements shown, noting that “The modular customization is amazing. Building colonies feels easier than in Fallout 4 and we’ve finally confirmed manual flight. This really is shaping up to be their biggest game yet. . I can’t wait for this.”

Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal Ports

Key art for Atlus announcement for P5R, P4G and P3P ports.

Atlus’ Character games are part of the best modern JRPGs available, and the Xbox+ Bethesda showcase finally showed what many were willing to give up. Persona 3 Portable, persona 4 goldenand Persona 5 Royal have been announced to get Xbox/Game Pass and PC ports (4 golden is already available via Steam). That’s a surprise considering the publisher is known among fans for making some of the most baffling consumer decisions, but it’s been a while to come nonetheless.

Editor ThePotablePotato was thrilled with the reveal, saying “I can’t believe Atlus has finally released its games with any semblance of platform consistency! That’s a damn good value for Gamepass though.” Nintendo fans are still pining, but perhaps the next Direct will hold a similar surprise since these ports are also coming to PlayStation brackets.

Hideo Kojima and Xbox partnership

Logos for Xbox's announced partnership with Kojima Productions.

Game designer Hideo Kojima is one of the most prolific figures in the video game industry. It stands for his brainchild Solid metal gearand he has since launched an independent studio and released Death Stranding for PlayStation and PC. Kojima’s games are notorious for venturing heavily into the psychological and trippy (sometimes too much for their own good), but they still spark huge intrigue.

Hideo Kojima teaming up with any major publisher was always going to be big news, so his fans will surely be looking forward to whatever mind-blowing project he’s dreamed up. Xbox. Editor BFaHM7 said, “Honestly, before he showed up, I jokingly thought it would be Kojima. When he showed up, I was flabbergasted. I can’t wait for more news.”

Forza Motorsport

More cars queuing to race at night in Forza Motorsport.

The Forza the series released some of best racing games of all time. And while the Forza Horizon the spin-off series gained more traction than Sports car lately, racing fans are optimistic regardless of the reveal of the latest entry in the latest series.

Last years Forza Horizon 5 was critically acclaimed and set the bar high for the genre in general, but Redditor thousand thousand highlighted the main steps Sports car takes, pointing out that “the real-time raytracing for the new Forza is huge. The crash physics also felt like a huge leap forward. When Gran Turismo 7 was announced as cross-gen, people were saying it didn’t have doesn’t matter because racing games can’t do much to take advantage of newer consoles.I strongly disagreed and this demo sure feels like a gen jump.

Diablo IV

Diablo IV promotional art featuring the main antagonist.

Diablo is a landmark action-RPG in the industry, and it was also one of Blizzard’s core franchises. The series has dealt blows to its once-glamorous reputation in recent years due to issues such as aggressive microtransactions in Diablo Immortaland those who hold out hope will watch carefully Diablo IV.

However, as cautious as fans generally are, they also find things to be optimistic about in the Xbox + Bethesda gameplay showcase and character class spotlight. Editor CouchPoturtle said “I’m not a Diablo 2 veteran and I’ve played the hell out of 3. This looks better in every way, I just have to hope they don’t make stupid decisions about MTX before leaving.”

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Promotional art for A Plague Tale: Requiem featuring the stern faces of the surviving siblings.

Asobo Studios A Plague Tale: Innocence was a refreshing surprise on the gaming scene in 2019. The double-A title is an action-adventure set against the backdrop of the Hundred Years’ War and the French Inquisition, with two siblings struggling to escape while let hordes of rats ravage the earth with the black plague. A Plague Tale: Requiem is a direct sequel slated to launch later this year, with the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase giving fans a new gameplay trailer.

Editor kidcolumbo expressed their positive experience with the first game and their optimism for the sequel, saying, “The first game was one of the newer games I took a leap of faith on and bought when it came out, and I Loved the experience. This new one feels darker and more fleshed out, that’s all I could ask for.” Innocence was well received for its ingenious blend of action-adventure, stealth and survival horror elements wrapped in an emotionally complex and heartbreaking story, and Requiem is ready to build on the strengths of the former.

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Cover of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion announced for PC and consoles

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