Career Tarot Card Collectibles Guide

The careerTarot cards can be some of the hardest collectibles to find, so we’ve created this guide to help you collect them all in one fell swoop.

Why should you find all tarot cards in the career

Like other collectibles in the game, the 22 Tarot Cards are more than just ticking off a list of items you’ve found. Each offers a clue to the choices you should – or shouldn’t – make to get each character out alive in the morning.

Not only that, but they’re tied to the pretty rare Pare Trophy and Achievement which you will need if you are looking to complete the game 100%.

That said, it’s worth mentioning that obtaining each tarot card will require you to follow a specific game path. If you aim to find all 22 maps in a single game, you won’t be able to find all of the Clue collectibles, as one can only be obtained by passing through a map.

As long as you’re willing to accept that, the process of finding the full set of tarot cards is a manageable, streamlined process that we’ve detailed below.

Where to find the tarot card in the prelude

The first of The careerTarot cards can be found in the Prelude section. After Laura heads into the woods to look for the old woman she saw, backtrack to the camera and head to the left side of a rounded path. The camera angle will change to reveal The Fool sitting on a rock nearby.

Where To Find The Career Tarot Card In Chapter 1

The next step is the tarot card found in Chapter 1 of The career. This can be found by Jacob after entering the Hackett Pavilion and descending to the first floor.

Before picking up the bags to load them into the van, look around the back corner for the kitchen entrance. Head inside and the camera angle will shift to show the Temperance card leaning against a cooking pot.

The Career 2 Tarot Card

Where To Find The Tarot Card In Chapter 2

After that, there’s a tarot card to find in Chapter 2. Note that to get this collectible, you’ll need to prevent yourself from getting one of the game’s clues permanently.

When tasked with choosing a path for Nick and Abi, choose Rocky Road. Stay on the main path and do not descend the offshoot with the Falling Rocks warning sign.

Before long, the camera will move to reveal the Hangman card on a nearby ledge.

The Career 3 Tarot Card

Where To Find The Quarry Tarot Cards In Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of The career has two tarot cards to find. One is impossible to miss, while the other can be easy to pass if you’re not careful.

After taking control of Abi, follow the main path until the perspective changes to reveal a route through the middle of the woods. Go down this path and continue until you approach a tree with moss draped over a broken branch to its left. As you get closer to the tree, the camera will move to reveal the Tower card stuck to the trunk of the tree.

The Career 5 Tarot Card

For the second card, wait to take control of Jacob. Once you’ve done so, simply enter the Boathouse and the camera will reveal the Star Card on the side of a wooden support pillar.

The Career 4 Tarot Card

Where To Find The Tarot Cards In Chapter 4

Next are the tarot cards from Chapter 4 of The career. Again, there are two to find, with one that’s easy to miss and one that’s a gimme.

After taking control of Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčturn around and return to the island pier. Go to the edge of the pier and the camera will reveal the Magician card.

The Career 6 Tarot Card

After that, wait for the scene where the larger group returns to Hackett Lodge. When they enter through the front doors, the Force card will be in frame and can be triggered with a button prompt.

The 7 Career Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Quarry Tarot Cards In Chapter 5

Next, two tarot cards in Chapter 5. Both can be found under the name Dylan and require a bit of exploring to discover.

Once Dylan and Ryan reach the cabin area, head to the large tree in the center and look for the two picnic tables. Walk between them and the camera will move to reveal the Devil’s Card.

The 8 Career Tarot Cards

Once you’ve triggered the Devil card, head to the radio building. Before entering, head to the left side of the radio tower to your left. Before reaching the left side of his base, the camera will reveal the Hermit card.

The 9 Career Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Tarot Cards In Chapter 6

After that, there are two more tarot cards to find in The careerthe sixth chapter. One can be found as Jacob, while the other can be found as Abi.

Once you’ve taken control of Jacob, follow the wooden walkway until you come to the stairs down from it. Head down the stairs, then immediately turn left into a hidden side path. After advancing far enough, the camera will move to show the Justice card.

The 10 Career Tarot Cards

After that, keep playing normally until you switch to Abi’s control. Head to the shower area, then enter the middle cabin. Walking to the back of the stall will reveal the Moon card.

Career 11 Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Quarry Tarot Cards In Chapter 7

Then there are two tarot cards you can find in Chapter 7. Each is only available at certain points in the chapter, so make sure you don’t miss them as you rush.

The first can only be found when Laura first wakes up in her cell. As soon as you take control of her, walk away from the cell door, then come back towards her. This will reveal the world map taped to the foot of his bed.

Career 12 Tarot Cards

After that, continue through the chapter as normal until Laura can move freely outside of her cell. Exit into the main room of the police station and walk between the four desks there. The Chariot card will be revealed once you reach the center.

Career 13 Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Tarot Cards In Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of The career This is where it becomes much more difficult to find all the tarot cards. There are four in total to find, with two reserved for Laura and two reserved for Ryan.

The first is found after reaching the stone walkway in the upper levels of the mine. Keep going until you come to an outcropping on your left, then exit on it. The camera will reveal the Lovers card near a support rail.

The Career 14 Tarot Cards

Then continue to the path blocked by a wooden board. Tear it up with a quick event, then move forward until the camera moves to reveal the Wheel card.

Career 15 Tarot Cards

From there, continue through the area until you take control of Ryan. Once you’ve done that, go to the left room with the rum stills you can examine. as you approach it, the Empress card will be revealed nearby.

Career 16 Tarot Cards

Once this card is found, go around the room on the opposite side. As you walk around, the Emperor card can be seen stuck to an arch.

Career 17 Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Quarry Tarot Cards In Chapter 9

Chapter 9 is also full of tarot cards to find. Each of the four characters you control can only find one, so it’s important that you get each immediately.

The first can be found as Ryan. After he escapes into a locked room via the freight elevator, walk to the center of the room. The Death card will spawn from the top of a cabinet.

Career 18 Tarot Cards

After this card is the one found under the name Laura. As she goes upstairs and enters the room with the circuit breaker, the camera automatically reveals the Sun card stuck to the bay window frame.

Career 19 Tarot Cards

The next step is the map that Dylan can find. When you head to the junkyard proper, turn left and go through the metal tunnels until they clear you near some blue crates. Climb up the crates via a nearby staircase, then turn left. As you advance, the Judgment card will be revealed.

The 20 Career Tarot Cards

Finally, there is the card you can find as Abi. After taking control of her in the storage cave, head to the stairs leading outside. As you get closer to the door, the Hierophant will be revealed from behind in a corner.

Career 21 Tarot Cards

Where To Find The Tarot Card In Chapter 10

Finally, there is the tarot card found in chapter 10 of The career.

While exploring Hackett Lodge as Kaitlyn, go up to the second floor and head to the bedroom with the bunk beds. Take the stairs to the third level closest to this room, then head to the window overlooking the woods.

As you get closer to the window, the camera will move to reveal the High Priestess card in the rafters.

The Career 22 Tarot Cards

I hope this will help you find The career‘s Tarot Cards without too much fuss. For more on The Quarry and other horror titles, check out some of our other articles below.

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