Abbie slams the Bach couple on OnlyFans

Abbie Chatfield has slammed fellow Bach stars Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston after the duo revealed why they would never OnlyFans.

Bachelor couple Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston have taken a sled with fellow Bach star Abbie Chatfield after revealing why they will never join the wave of former reality stars signing up to OnlyFans.

Nicholson said he thinks reality stars joining OnlyFans for ’empowerment’ is ‘a load of shit’ and that people should ‘donate to charity’ if they want to feel empowered .

During a Q&A with fans on Instagram on Wednesday, the couple said they would not join the subscription-only platform, which often features pornographic content, because they want to be “a role model for future generations. “.

The discussion elicited a fiery reaction from radio host and feminist voice Abbiewho called their comments a “shame of sex work” and fired back: “No one actually asked you what the morality was around Only Fans or sex work.

“It kind of felt like a ship to talk about your firing of people doing OnlyFans.”

The newly announced masked singer judge26, said the couple’s claim that other reality stars are ‘leveraging fame to sell nudes online’ was no different from how they went from The single person to influencers in their own right.

“Basically what you’re saying is ‘No judgment, but if you’re doing this, it’s not right, you’ve just taken advantage of your reality TV experience’ – that’s exactly what we all f**king … We commodify the content,” she said.

“Obviously, sex workers are very different in how they are marginalized (and) the work they do…I’m not saying influencers are the same as sex workers at all, but I’m saying in that regard, you say your problem is that people leverage their reality TV experience to make money… I don’t see how the influence in that regard is any different.

She explained, “I think promoting things like skincare and things you have to ingest and test – it’s literally using your body to sell a product.”

“All you had to say was ‘Not for us, but like all the power for you,'” she said.

“To say that it’s a ‘load of bullshit’ that it’s ‘women’s empowerment’ already shows the assumption that it’s ‘just the girls on these reality shows who go for the money, how dare they’.”

She also pointed out that their comments failed to acknowledge their privileged position.

“People do sex work for a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is to make money to survive. It’s very ironic coming from influencers…and pretty well-off people, who have gone into private schools in Sydney and live in Bondi.

On Jimmy’s suggestion that people should donate to charity to feel empowered and “be a role model” for young fans, Abbie said the comment was delivered in a way that made the job charity felt like the “antithesis” of sex work, as if sex work is to be excused.

“To be a role model, you don’t have to be ‘pious’, you don’t have to be ‘womanly’, you don’t have to be ‘chic’… You can be a sex worker and be a role model, and you can be a non-sex worker and be liberal voting shit,” she shot the 32-year-old pilot, whose luxurious beach family home of northern Sydney was presented during its Bachelor season.

Jimmy and Holly had taken to Instagram to answer questions about whether they would follow in the footsteps of MAFS couple Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie and join OnlyFans.

“We get this question often and thought it was a good time to answer it once and for all,” Holly began.

“No judgment towards anyone who has OnlyFans, but I think there’s been a little trend of people coming out of reality shows and leveraging that degree of fame and then selling nudes online.”

Jimmy went on to deny claims that people are joining the platform for ‘women’s and men’s empowerment’.

“I think it’s crap, personally. I think you should be a role model for future generations. If you want to celebrate male or female empowerment, start a charity, donate to breast cancer awareness or prostate cancer awareness,” he continued.

“I think it’s a way to get some money back, and [you should] think of the example you give to future generations, to your children when they are at school.

Holly concluded, “Our view: normalizing the sale of nude photos on the internet does not equate to gender empowerment. If that’s your point of view, absolutely fine. It’s just not going to be something we do. Thank you for coming to our TED Talk.

Abbie said she privately messaged Holly this week hoping the couple would issue an apology for their “lack of understanding” surrounding sex work, to no avail. She later revealed that she spoke to Jimmy on the phone and said he “stands by his opinion”.

“The tone of voice was what I imagine as a dad giving you trouble but joking about you because I never had a dad so I don’t react to that kind of stuff,” he said. she joked about the conversation.

Jimmy and Holly rose to fame after meeting on The single person last year in what was lowest-rated season in franchise history.

They both found success as Instagram influencers.

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