Co-hosts horrified by Ed Kavalee’s home confession

Radio comedian Ed Kavalee is in the bad books at home – and with his colleagues – after making a shocking request to his wife Tiff Hall.

Ed Kavalee got an earful from his radio colleagues this morning after they learned he kicked his sick wife out of bed for ‘coughing too much’.

Kavalee, 42, is married to physical trainer Tiff Hall37 years old, who gave birth to their second child, daughter Vadajust three weeks ago.

But as he explained on his radio show, 2Day FM’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy Ed and Erin, his sleep wasn’t interrupted by his sick wife coughing, demanding that she sleep on the couch at home. square.

As Kavalee tried to keep the listeners quiet, co-host Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes – suitably outraged by the confession – wasn’t letting him off the hook, taking him out on the air as he coyly attempted to to defend oneself.

“Once in a while you have to take a stand on behalf of others, and our man Ed Kavalee, he’s one day away from winning another Logie with his show Did you pay attention? and he thinks he’s all of that,” he teased as co-host Erin Molan added that he “looked down on other people” in the Preamble to the Lodges.

“You forget the people who got him where he is and one of those people is your beautiful wife, Tiff, who is home with not one, but two children, and the second is just a baby, and you have been, I believe, ordering her out of the bedrooms,” Hughesy continued.

Jumping up to defend himself, Kavalee, who also shares four-year-old son Arnold with Hall, said he has looked after their eldest child while Hall has had ‘night feedings’ since Vada was born on May 30. .

“The other night, unfortunately in the hospital, she caught a little cold… so she coughed. She coughs a lot. So the other night she was coughing and coughing and coughing and I had to get up to do the breakfast radio and I was like, ‘Hey can you go sleep on the couch please’” , did he declare.

“It’s terrifying,” Molan said as Kavalee continued.

“She’s coughing like a maniac, she has to get up to feed anyway, so she can take the option of having a night on our beautiful, luxurious couch.”

As Hughesy interrupted to water down the seemingly exaggerated narrative, suggesting that Kavalee had actually asked Hall to sleep in the guest room, not on the couch, Kavalee corrected him.

“No, there’s a nursery for Vada but she obviously isn’t sleeping there yet and there’s no bed in there, so the only other room was the sofa in the living room, which has a radiator, so she left,” he said. said.

“She claims it made her cough worse, she claims she just had a baby and it made her pain in her lower regions worse, and I think she’s just tapping a little bit,” he said. added sarcastically.

In summary, Molan repeated, “So three weeks ago…your amazing wife who had a very difficult long pregnancy, pushed a child out of her nether regions, stitches included…Not sleeping, breastfeeding at night, she has another child, and you asked her to leave your bed because she was coughing to sleep on the sofa. Was there any part of that that wasn’t true? »

“You left out the bit where she keeps talking about it,” Kavalee joked in response.

Although he did not specify whether the whole recollection was a joke, his colleagues were nonetheless outraged, with Hughesy saying he would “never forget this story”.

Ancient The Biggest Loser Coach Hall has has been increasingly candid about her pregnancy and health issues lately, bursting into tears over her postpartum struggles in a video last week.

The celebrity trainer made history in May as the first pregnant woman to appear on the cover of women’s health australia.

After a rocky pregnancy with her first child, Tiff has been vocal about battling “rebound culture,” even giving a Ted Talk on the subject. back in 2019.

Talk to last yearshe also revealed that she had been fighting chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) – a blood pressure condition which in his case is genetic.

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